California Raisins

It’s time to bake with California Raisins.

Hurry!  Enter the California Raisin Holiday Cookie Contest December 7th through December 20th!  First Place wins $300.00!  Contest Rules & Entry Form below.   Remember, California Raisins come by their sweetness naturally – with no added sugar. The ingredient list says it all:  Raisins.

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Health Fact

California Raisins have no fat, no cholesterol and no added sugar.

Retro Raisin Cookies

Health Fact

California Raisins provide concentrated nutrients.

Our Growers Favorite Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

The perfect oatmeal-raisin cookie from our own California raisin growers.

Health Fact

California Raisins are naturally sweet.

Dried Fruit and Sausage Stuffing

Sweet raisins paired with smoky turkey sausage to stuff a bird or serve plain.

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