A California Raisin begins its journey in the vineyard of California’s San Joaquin Valley, where family farmers grow seedless grapes under conditions that couldn’t be better for making sweet nuggets of California sunshine.

From there, state-of-the-art production processes and strict adherence to quality standards ensure that California Raisins are the safest, highest-quality, best-tasting raisins in the world.   We would not have it any other way.  To learn more about how California Raisins are made, read more here. 


In addition to the classic form of California Raisins, there are two additional forms- California Raisin Paste and California Raisin Juice Concentrate.


Reduce Added Sugar

    • You can reduce your product’s added sugars and artificial sweeteners when you use this natural source of sweetness.  If you are looking for a cleaner label with less added sugars, click here – Using Raisins as a Refined Sugar Substitute, to learn how California Raisins deliver benefits in food manufacturing and foodservice applications when leveraged as a refined sugar substitute.

Fat Substitute

  • The plum, soft “chew” of California Raisins does wonders for mimicking fat’s richness.  And because raisins aren’t packed with sugar crystals, their texture is smooth and creamy.  Put raisins to work in low-fat baked goods, cookies and cakes.  Read this White Paper, Using Raisin Ingredients as a Plant-Based Fat Substitute.


  • The natural sugars in California Raisin Juice Concentrate, Raisin Paste and whole chopped raisins help bind wet and dry ingredients in everything from bars and breakfast cereals to cookies and snack clusters.  Try Raisin Juice Concentrate instead of sugar syrup to adhere seasoning blends to nut mixes.  Click to read the White Paper Using Raisin Ingredients as a Binder and Protein Bar Base.

Natural Preservative

  • California Raisins contain naturally occurring organic acids like tartaric, propionic and glutamic acids.  Not only do they enhance flavors, they also inhibit mold growth and act as natural preservatives.


  • California Raisin Paste loves water.  When mixed into formulations with ample free moisture, its high water-binding capacity clings to moisture and creates a smooth, viscous texture that thickens everything from sauces to smoothies.  No need for gums or modified starches.

Manage Moisture

  • Thanks to their intact skins and fructose and glucose content, California Raisins often have a lower water activity that other vine fruits dried to the same moisture level.  The upshot:  They’re the perfect fit in low-moisture snacks, cereals, bars and confections.

Texture Enhancement

  • Because California Raisins and raisin ingredients hold water and build natural viscosity, they help maintain a soft, appealing texture in baked goods throughout their shelf life without the need for texturizers or preservatives.

Flavor Stability

  • California Raisins’ sweet, fruit flavor develops in the sun and stays stable for more that a year when stored properly.  It stands up to process conditions and ingredient interactions in applications, too.  So no surprises:  you’ll always get the great taste of California Raisins.

Flavor Enhancement

  • California Raisins contain 2.2% tartaric acid-a natural flavor enhancer.  They’re also packed with Maillard reaction precursors, so when roasted, baked or processed at high temperatures, they make everything taste richer.

Flavor Compatibility

  • California Raisins play well with other flavors.  Whether accompanying sweet notes like vanilla, cinnamon and citrus or meaty, spicy and savory profiles, they provide an excellent-and familiar-flavor background to products in every section of the supermarket.

Skin Integrity

  • No one ever called California Raisins “thin-skinned”!  In fact, their skins are strong enough to withstand mixing and other processes without damage, so they maintain their shape and integrity during manufacturing, building volume in the finish product.

Crop Consistency

  • You always know what you’re getting with California Raisins and raisin products because our family farmers harvest and process their grapes carefully and with the most advanced equipment.  That translates into consistent color, texture, flavor and goodness.