Mixing Time  4-5 Minutes First Speed
 Dough Temp  85oF-90oF
 Fermentation Time  1-1.30 Hours
 Fermentation Temp  Room Temp
Mixing Time 5 minutes          7 minutes
Mixing Speed First Speed        Second Speed
Dough Temp 75oF                  FDT
Fermentation Time Overnight
Fermentation Temp 40oF
Folding if Needed 2 single folds
Dividing Weight 50 grams bottom/base.50 grams filling.25 grams Lattice Top.
Resting Time 1 Hour between folds
Make Up Round – Lattice Top
Proofing Time 1-1.30 Hour
Proofing Temp 90oF
Proofing Humidity 80%
Type of Oven Convection
Baking Temperature 360oF
Baking Time 15-17 Minutes
Steam if Needed No
Finished Product Weight 95-105 grams

Filling: Cook sugar, glucose, water, vanilla to golden caramel. Deglaze with honey, cream butter. Cook to 130oC. Let filling cool then add fruits and nuts.


Nutrition Facts Per Serving

(Calories from Fat %); ( );

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