1. Twelve (12) hours before final mixing, gently mix sponge ingredients together with bench scraper or wooden spoon until mixture forms shaggy dough. Cover with plastic wrap and leave at room temperature (75˚F) for 12 hours.
  2. Macerate raisins in Kirsch. Set aside to soak at least 12 hours. (Desired final macerated weight is approximately 72% raisins and 28% liquid.)

Final mixing:

  1. Break sponge into smaller pieces and place in the bowl of spiral mixer. Add flours, milk, eggs, yeast, salt, sugar, vanilla, orange zest, orange or rose water, and 90% of the water.
  2. Mix for 3 minutes on 1st speed, adding only enough of the remaining water to make a fairly stiff dough. (Amount of water needed depends on absorbency of flour.)
  3. Mix for about 2 minutes more on 2nd speed to develop gluten until a window begins to appear when dough is stretched.
  4. Continue mixing on 2nd speed and quickly incorporate butter in small pieces. (Butter should be soft and pliable, but still cold. Dough will be smooth and shiny. Desired dough temperature is 75°F. Do not over mix.)
  5. Cover dough and let rest for 1 hour at room temperature.
  6. Roll dough into a flat rectangle; place on a sheet pan and freeze for 1 hour.
  7. Pound roll-in butter into a packet that covers approximately 3/4 the length and just about the width of the dough. Place butter in center of dough and fold the end of dough over butter. Roll out on a sheeter with 2 single rolls. Refrigerate for 20 minutes. Roll out 1 final single fold on a sheeter. Refrigerate for another 20 minutes. 3
  8. Meanwhile for Cream Cheese Filling, divide vanilla bean in half and split one-half lengthwise. Scrape beans from cut half into milk and set aside. Then, cream the cream cheese, butter and sugar on 1st speed, scraping the bowl several times so all ingredients are evenly distributed. Slowly, add eggs and vanilla extract. Stir in flour; strain milk and stir into egg mixture. Mix until smooth, but do not whip.


  1. Then, roll dough out to about 3/8-inch thick. Cut dough into 3-inch squares. Tuck each square into a greased muffin tin. Spread 0.5 ounce (15 grams) marmalade in center of the bottom of each square, top with about 1 ounce (25 grams) Cream Cheese Filling and 0.5 ounce (15 grams) drained golden raisins. Pinch the four corners of each together to close tightly.
  2. Bake at 390˚F for approximately 12 minutes. Cool completely, and dust with powdered sugar.

Nutrition Facts Per Serving

(Calories from Fat %); ( );

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