Mixing Time 3 minutes – 6 minutes
Mixing Speed First Speed – Second Speed
Dough Temp 78oF
Fermentation Time 12-16 Hours
Fermentation Temp 38oF
Folding If Needed 2 “Book” folds
Dividing Weight 5 oz to 2 oz filling
Resting Time 15 minutes between each fold
Make Up Cut into squares, fill and bend corners to middle.
Proofing Time 60-70 minutes
Proofing Temp 80oF
Proofing Humidity 85%
Type of Oven Revolving Oven
Baking Temp 340oF
Baking Time 30 minutes
Finished Product Weight 6.5 oz
Additional Procedures

Layer sugar in between each book fold. Dough is baked in rings or muffin pans that are greased and lined with sugar.

Nutrition Facts Per Serving

(Calories from Fat %); ( );

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