Mixing time by hand, till incorporated; no lumps
Dough Temp 70oF
Fermentation time 12 hours
Fermentation temp 70oF-75oF
Mixing time 6-7 minutes
Mixing speed 3 low, 1 high, 2 low during incorporation of butter and soaker
Dough temp 75oF-78oF
 Fermentation time 3 hours
 Fermentation temp 75oF
Folding if needed None
Dividing weight 1200g, tight round
Resting time 30 minutes
Make up Pin to an oval shape about 1.25″ thick
Proofing time 30-35 minutes
Proofing temp 75oF-80oF
Proofing humidity Ambient
Type of oven Deck
Baking temperature 415oF
Baking time 35-40 minutes
Steam if needed 4 seconds
Finished weight 1070g
ADDITIONAL PROCEDURESFor the sprouted grain preferment; wheat berries are soaked for 2 days, rinsed, ground.For the preferment; mix the ingredients together till the gluten starts to develop.  Let rest for 12 hours at 75oF with the levain, polish and soaker.

Nutrition Facts Per Serving

(Calories from Fat %); ( );

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