• 1 Gallon plus 1 quart ( 160 ounces) raisin mole sauce**
  • 3 Cups vegetable oil*
  • 50 Cups diced onion
  • 50 Cups diced carrots
  • 25 Cups California raisins*
  • 3 Quarts (96 ounces) chicken broth, vegetable broth
  • 1 Cup kosher salt or sea salt
  • 1 Cup ground black pepper
  • 121/2 Pounds Chicken Fajita Strips*
  • 121/2 Cups white cheddar cheese, shredded*
  • 121/2 Cups yellow cheddar cheese, shredded*
  • 50 6"x4" flatbreads or pizza crusts
  • Optional garnish-1 1/2 cups chopped green onions or chopped cilantro
  • *On USDA Foods Available List for Schools


Preheat convection oven to 425°F. Heat oil in large skillet or pot over medium high heat. Add onions and carrots and cook until brown and caramelized, stirring often and adding broth or water as needed to keep from burning. Turn heat down to medium low and add raisins, remaining broth or water, and chicken strips, season with salt and pepper. Stir until completely combined and warmed through, remove from heat and set aside. To assemble flatbreads, drizzle each crust with 3 ounces of raisin mole sauce, top with 2/3 cup chicken mixture and 1/2 cup of cheese. Bake in the preheated oven for approximately 6 to 8 minutes until golden brown. Remove from oven, top with optional garnish, and serve immediately.

**See recipe for Raisiny Mole Sauce – go to home page enter Raisiny Mole Sauce in the search field on the right hand side of page.

Nutrition Facts Per Serving

Calories 251 (Calories from Fat 33%); Total Fat 9 ( Saturated Fat 3; Trans Fat 0; ); Cholesterol 34; Sodium 762; Potassium 390; Total Carbohydrate 33; Dietary Fiber 4; Sugars 4; Protein 11; Calcium 131; Iron 2;

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5. A ¼ cup serving of raisins provides 6% of the daily value for potassium.