Mixing Time Less than 3 minutes
Mixing Speed Low speed with paddle
Dough Temp Ambient
Fermentation Time N/A
Dividing Weight Scooped with 4 oz volume disher
Resting Time N/A
Make Up Muffin
Proofing Time N/A
Type of Oven Deck or convection
Baking Temperature 375oF
Baking Time 30-40 minutes
Finished Product Weight 5 oz
Additional Procedures

  1. Mix all dry ingredients for 1 minute with paddle.
  2. Add carrots and mix until all carrots are coated with flour
  3. Puree tofu with water in food processor
  4. Add wet ingredients to the bowl, mix 2 minutes or until just combined
  5. Add raisins & chopped nuts, stir with paddle to combine
  6. Using 4 oz disher, scoop into muffin trays
  7. Top with sliced almonds
  8. Bake for 30-40 minutes at 375oF

Nutrition Facts Per Serving

(Calories from Fat %); ( );

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A ¼ cup serving of raisins provides 7% of the daily value for fiber.