California Raisins are the only fruit snack said to be Solar Powered.

Why?  Because California Raisins are sweet, naturally!   California Raisins are dried in the sun from grapes, giving you all the natural goodness and energy you need, direct from the most powerful energy source of all.  The Sun.  Thus, our ingredient statement says it all – Raisins.  And, 1/4 cup of California Raisins =1 of your daily fruit servings.

Parents tell us that they want to provide their children with minimally processed foods.  We hope you will choose naturally sweet California Raisins as a food option for your students.

We want to remind you that in each one-quarter cup serving raisins deliver:

  • Unique flavor;
  • No fat;
  • No cholesterol;
  • Contain iron;
  • Contain fiber;
  • Contain potassium;
  • Dried-by-the-sun fruit with no added sugar.


Convenient and portable for school kids, California Raisins fit anywhere – at the cash register, in Breakfast in the Classroom, as a fruit serving in the National School Lunch Program, at the salad bar, topped on oatmeal, in a veggie burger, and as an after-school-snack.

For recipes for school foodservice, visit:

To purchase California Raisins, find them on the USDA Foods Available List or you can contact a raisin packer directly at How to Source California Raisins.