Raisin Walnut Multi-Grain Wheat Bread “Birdseed”

"I wanted to make a multi-grain whole wheat bread that is good as a sandwich bread, but also could be eaten at breakfast. It has a small amount of honey, but the sweetness comes from the raisins. It is an All-California bread: the flour, walnuts, honey and raisins all come from the Central Valley."


Size: 6"L x 4"W x 4"H | # Loaves that can be made from 5 lbs flour: 20 | Production Time: 2 hours | % of California Raisin Product to dry flour weight: 70%
INGREDIENTS American oz Metric g/mL Baker's %
Whole Grain Flour 70 oz 1985 g 79.56%
Vital Wheat Gluten 18 oz 510 g 20.44%
California Natural Raisins 62 oz 1760 g 70.54%
9-Grain Mix, Coarse 70 oz 1985 g 79.56%
Walnuts 10 oz 285 g 11.42%
Salt 2.8 oz 80 g 3.21%
Honey 4.4 oz 125 g 5.01%
Oil 4.4 oz 125 mL 5.01%
Yeast, Instant Dry 4 oz 113 g 4.53%
Caramel Color 1.4 oz 40 mL 1.60%
Water 84 oz 2381 mL 95.43%
TOTALS 20 lbs, 11 oz 9386 g 376.31%



Mixing Time 3-5 Minutes on first speed
Dough Temp 26oC
Fermentation Time 1.5 Hours
Fermentation Temp Room Temp (approx. 23oC – 24oC)
Mixing Time 10 minutes
Mixing Speed 2
Dough Temp 75oF
Fermentation Time
Fermentation Temp
Dividing Weight 20 oz
Resting Time 30 minutes
Make Up Divide the dough into 20 oz. pieces. Round and place two balls in a Pullman loaf pan. Proof and Bake.
Proofing Time 1 Hour
Proofing Temp 95oF
Proofing Humidity 95%
Type of Oven Rack
Baking Temp 375oF
Baking Time 45 Minutes
Steam if Needed Yes
Finished Product Weight 16+ oz each

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