Marathon Mini Loaf

The need for proper nutrition when embarking on a distance run. Runners begin the day with healthy carbohydrates, protein, fiber and a little fat. Race finish lines most always offer bread (bagels). With the growing popularity of running, this easy to make bread is sure to be a hit and get us through the three and a half hour long run.


Size: 3.5"L x 2"W x 2"H | Production Time: 30 minutes | Loaves that can be made from 5 lbs flour: 84 mini loaves | % of California Raisin product to dry flour weight: 93.7%
INGREDIENTS American Baker's
Final Dough Ingredients  
Whole White Wheat Flour 11.2 oz 100%
California Natural Raisins 10.5 oz 93.7%
Water 9.3 oz 83%
Rolled Oats 5 oz 44.6%
Brown Sugar 3 oz 26.8%
Peanut Butter (Creamy Style) 3 oz 26.8%
Vegetable Oil 0.6 oz 5.4%
Baking Soda 0.6 oz 5.4%
Cream of Tartar 0.25 oz 2.23%
Sea Salt (top loaves before baking) 1 oz 0.89%
Total 2 lbs, 12.45 oz 388.82%


Final Dough 
Mixing Time & Speed 5 minutes on low
Dough Temp Ambient
Dividing Weight 3.6 oz
Resting Time N/A
Make Up Add 0.25 oz peanut butter to center of flattened dough. Roll to form loaf. Roll top of mini loaf in flour, oats and sea salt.
Type of Oven Electric
Baking Temp 375oF
Baking Time 12-15 minutes
Finished Product Weight 3-5 oz

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