Fleur De Raisin (Raisin Flower)

Submitted by: Philippe Sanchez - Marriott International - Orlando, FL

"This time, I was inspired to develop an amazing artisan raisin bread, with an extravagant crunchy flower shape. After testing different products, I came across a way to obtain a very unique layering of flavors by roasting separately a little amount of white bread flour, hazelnut flour and a generous amount of Macadamia nuts. The inside of the flower is bold, rich and full of California raisins infused with Frangelico liquor and virgin hazelnut oil."


Size: 8"W x 2 1/4"H (Round) | #Loaves that can be made from 5 lbs flour: 8 | Production Time: 6 hours | % of California Raisin Product to dry flour weight: 54%
INGREDIENTS American oz. Metric g/mL Baker's % American oz. Metric g/mL Baker's % American oz. Metric g/mL Baker's %
Bread Flour 21.1 oz 600 g 25.5% 61.7 oz 1750 g 74.4% 82.8 oz 2350 g 100%
Water 49.3 oz 1400 mL 59.5% As Needed 49.3 oz 1400 mL 59.5%
Roasted Hazel Nut Flour 8.8 oz 250 g 10.6% 8.8 oz 250 g 10.6%
Roasted Bread Flour 8.8 oz 250 g 10.6% 8.8 oz 250 g 10.6%
California Natural Raisins 64 oz 1816 g 77.2% 64 oz 1816 g 77.2%
Hazelnut Oil 3.5 oz 100 mL 4.2% 3.5 oz 100 mL 4.2%
Frangelico (Hazelnut Liquor) 21.1 oz 600 mL 25.5% 21.1 oz 600 mL 25.5%
Roasted Macadamia Nuts 17.6 oz 500 g 21.2% 17.6 oz 500 g 21.2%
Salt 2 oz 57 g 2.4% 2 oz 57 g 2.4%
Fresh Yeast 0.07 oz 2 g 0.08% 0.07 oz 2 g 0.08%
TOTALS 70.4 oz 2000.0 g 85.0% 187.6 oz 5325.0 g 226.18% 257.97 oz 7325 g 311.28%



 Use sour dough culture, refreshed 24 hours before using.
Mixing Time 12 minutes
Mixing Speed Speed 1 – 2 minutesSpeed 2 – 10 minutes
Dough Temp 80oF
Fermentation Time 1 hour
Fermentation Temp Room Temperature (~75oF)
Dividing Weight 600 g
Resting Time 1 hour
Make Up

  1. Mix dough without adding the raisins and nuts. Reserve 2 Kg dough. Add raisins and nuts to the remaining dough and mix on first speed until well incorporated (around 2 minutes).
  2. Divide the 2 Kg of dough into 15 g pieces and round into balls. These balls will become the petals around the bread. Rest for 2 hours and flatten each ball (your can use a tortilla press) and pull a little to make a petal shape.
  3. Proofing baskets: 8 inch diameter round plastic with air circulation, capacity 1 – 1.5 lbs.
  4. On the bottom of each proofing basket, line up in a circle 9 petals and one in the middle (middle petal needs to be round). On each extremity of the bottom end of the petal put a little oil to avoid sticking (1/2 inch). Put on top of this construction the ‘main’ bread dough ball and proof.
  5. Before baking, score just the center ball and leave the bread open. The main bread will raise and the petals will open: Pure Magic!
Proofing Time 4 hours
Proofing Temp Room Temperature (~75oF)
Proofing Humidity 65% (cover)
Type of Oven Deck oven with injected steam
Baking Temperature 450oF
Baking Time Approximately 45 minutes
Steam if needed 8 seconds
Finished Product Weight 560 g

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