The following provides responses to the most frequestly asked questions about California Raisins: 

Q. Why should I eat California Raisins?

A. California Raisins are a completely natural dried fruit with no sugar added.  They are high in antioxidants, fiber-rich, fat and cholesterol free and contain more potassium per fruit serving than a banana.  A 1/4 cup of raisins is equal to a fruit serving and the most recent U.S. food guidelines suggests that half your plate each meal should consist of fruits and vegetables.  California Raisins never spoil ( they are the perfectly portable fruit that can be carried anywere), provide quick energy and taste delicious.


Q. How should I eat California Raisins?

A. California Raisins can be consumed straight out of the package as a healthy between meal snack and can be used in cooking and baking in as many ways as you can imagine.  This website contains over 1,000 consumer and professional recipes, from appetizers to entrees to desserts, including a wide variety of baked goods.


Q. Who should eat California Raisins?

A. Any person concerned with good health over the age of two can safely and deliciously consume California Raisins.  The California WIC program recently affirmed that California Raisins are approved for children as young as two, and of course, for older children and adults.  A variety of health and nutrition research projects conducted over the years shows that California Raisins can help to improve digestion, provide quick energy, lower blood glucose and blood pressure naturally, help to reduce decay-causing biofilm on teeth, sweeten breath and when eaten as a snack before meals may actually assist in weight reduction.


Q. Where can I buy California Raisins?

A. For consumers, California Raisins are one of the most broadly distributed food products in the U.S.  They can be found in supermarkets, convenience stores, mass merchandisers, drug chains, and in all types of restaurants and fast food outlets.  For chefs, bakers, and food manufacturers, there is a portion of the website devoted to raisin products and those processors and manufacturers who produce them

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