World's Largest California Dancing Raisin Unveiled

Press Contact:

Larry Blagg
Senior Vice President of Marketing
California Raisin Marketing Board


Giant Raisin Kicks-Off 25th Anniversary of the World-Famous Icons

FRESNO, Calif., December 11, 2008 – Given the choice between writing a term paper and breaking a world record, eight marketing students from California State University, Fresno (Fresno State) elected to take on the difficult task of creating the world’s largest California dancing raisin character. This larger-than-life raisin, nicknamed CAL by the students, has been erected at an important time for one of America’s most beloved and memorable marketing icons – 2009 will mark the 25th anniversary of the California Dancing Raisins, which first debuted in 1984.

Standing nearly 11 feet tall and weighing in at more than 500 pounds, the giant raisin was constructed over a period of three months in a garage just a few blocks away from the Fresno State campus. Thanks to guidance from the California Raisin Marketing Board (CRMB), CAL, the giant raisin, bears remarkable likeness to the official character. The group of students, all from Professor Bill Rice’s marketing class, spent countless hours making sure that the final product would do the famous icon justice, and also last for years to come.

“Living here in ‘Raisin Country,’ several of the students had personal ties to the growing and processing of our famous fruit,” said Larry Blagg, senior vice president of marketing for the CRMB. “The students wanted to honor their community and the raisin industry with this project and they have succeeded mightily.”

The Fresno area is home to nearly all of the 3,000 growers of California Raisins. More than ninety-nine percent of all raisins in the U.S. are grown in Fresno and surrounding areas, known as the San Joaquin Valley.

The students’ final goal is to have the massive icon accepted into a world record book. The giant raisin may also be accepted as part of the opening day display at a new Advertising Icon Museum, scheduled to open in 2009 in Kansas City, Missouri.

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