September 2009


September 2009

California Raisins Go To College
From South of the Border
Here’s To Mom and Dad!
Apple of my Eye
California Raisins Help Feed America
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California Raisins Share ‘Words of Wisdom’ With Launch of NEW Blog
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Leslie Sansone – Walk At Home Video

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Recipe of The Month – Crunchy Raisin Rice

Balance of Flavor, Balance of Diet, Balance of Life.

California Raisins Go To College

Early on parents all learn that kids copy many of the food likes and dislikes they see at home. Picky as they are, we also notice that they are more likely to eat meals or snacks they have chosen themselves. However, teaching them to make Wise Choices seems to be the best way to ensure their continued good health.

School-age Children need

  • Calcium to support healthy bone growth
  • Iron to carry oxygen in the blood, and
  • Protein to encourage muscle and body tissue growth.

Boys this age and almost throughout life, require more caloric input than girls.

We realize that food needs change as children’s bodies grow and physical activity increases.

Consequently, Adolescents need

  • Additional calories
  • More protein for growth and maintenance of muscle and body tissue
  • More calcium for strong bones as they continue to grow, and
  • Adequate iron to make it all happen.

Help mold your teen’s food choices by providing lean protein sources, low-fat dairy products, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables at home. Also, encourage much more physical activity. Leslie Sansone’s Walk At Home Video could work for the whole family. Coming soon to Watch for it!

By the time they are off to college, kids are, for the most part, done growing, but that does not mean that a healthy diet is no longer important. As they enter the arena of college cafeterias, fast food, and “all you can eat” meal plans, Wise Choices are still very important.

Encourage them to continue to

  • Choose more calcium-laden products, and
  • Make sure to get enough zinc, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B to guarantee good health as they become parents, themselves

With your care and guidance, your child will know enough about his body and his personal needs to make Wise Choices and continue good eating habits throughout a lifetime.

Recognize that College students face a lot of new challenges. They now must choose their own meals and snacks; fit them to an often limited budget; and schedule time to eat or, in many cases, prepare their own food. Quick and easy was never more important!

Nothing is easier than the cool treat offered by a Frothy Yogurt Shake. Run it through that blender and they are off to class in a hurry. Or roll up a Breakfast Raisin-Banana Tortilla Roll-up to get a head start on that hectic class schedule. Easy to make and nutritious, these could become staples in any dorm-room diet.

Raisin Apple Mini PizzasRaisin Apple Mini Pizzas made in a microwave provide a fun snack-size pizza without added stress in a college student’s life.

Sunshine Snack MixMake a big batch of Sunshine Snack Mix and it will be available for snacking throughout the week. It’s very portable and holds up well at the bottom of a backpack.

Crunchy Raisin RiceAntipasto Salad with California Raisins Antipasto Salad with California Raisins or our Recipe of The Month, Crunchy Raisin Rice, prepared ahead and stored in that small dorm-size refrigerator is a quick way to fill up before study group.

Sunshine CheeseburgersA little more effort makes a protein-rich meal when your college student creates Sunshine Cheeseburgers for himself and his roomies.

Raisin Banana Energy BarsPackages from home should always contain food, so whip up some Raisin Banana Energy Bars and send them off to fill in as one of the best of portable snacks and a reminder of home. Don’t forget to tuck in several small snack packs of California Raisins, too.

From South of the Border

A whole month of celebrating our Hispanic Heritage reaches its high point on September 16, the day that Mexico won its independence from Spain. Dial into staples like rice, beans, chiles, tomatoes, and tortillas — and celebrate, celebrate all month long.

Slow Cooked  Pork with Guajillo Chile and California Raisins PipianDon’t rush; just take things slow with Slow Cooked Pork with Guajillo Chile and California Raisins Pipian to create a truly filling meal without a lot of effort.

Chicken with  California Raisin MoleChicken with California Raisin Mole spices things up with cocoa powder and peanut butter to smothers chicken breast in traditional flavor.

Finish a day of celebrating with a marvelous bread pudding. Mexican Chocolate Rum-Raisin Bread Pudding, a rich dessert, sure to bring smiles to faces all around.

Here’s To Mom and Dad!

No-Mess Banana Nut Pancakes with Cinnamon-Raisin SyrupWorking Parents’ Day is on September 16, too. Mom, drop a couple of hints that you would like your kids to let you — and Dad, too — know how much they appreciate what you do for them. Just point them toward the recipe for No-Mess Banana Nut Pancakes with Cinnamon-Raisin Syrup and wait for breakfast in bed!

Ham Rolls with Raisins (Rollitos de Jamon con Pasas)Or maybe you would rather they pack your lunch for the day. Rolling up some simple but yummy Ham Rolls with Raisins (Rollitos de Jamon con Pasas) is so easy your kids could do that, too.

At the end of the day, they might be able to put a Caramel Apple Sundae on the table for everyone — with just very little help from you, perhaps.

Apple of my Eye

Caramel  Dipping Sauce with Raisins and ChocolateFall is apple time and September 26 is Johnny Appleseed Day. For 49 years, Johnny Appleseed wandered throughout the American wilderness planting apple seeds in the hope that they would grow and that America would become the land where no one was ever hungry. It is reported that he carried a pot on his head, and he might have sliced up some apples and presented them to those he met along the way with Caramel Dipping Sauce with Raisins and Chocolate! Let us agree that apples and caramel are meant for each other and the whole family can have fun dipping into this together.

Serve Apple Raisin Crêpes with Almond Ice Cream and Raisin Butter Sauce for breakfast or dessert! Enjoy Apple, Roquefort and Red Leaf Lettuce with Pumpernickel Croutons and love Johnny’s gift to America on his day and all through the season.

California Raisins Help Feed America

More than 12 million children in America are at risk of hunger. Despite classrooms being back in session — a time when many children will find some relief in going back to the free or reduced-price school meals — help is still needed on weekends and school breaks when assistance is not available. That’s why California Raisins partnered with “Days of our Lives” actress and host of the hit television show, “The Biggest Loser,” Alison Sweeney to raise awareness about Feeding America’s childhood hunger initiatives, including the Backpack Program.

To coincide with Feeding America’s Hunger Action Awareness Month, in September, California raisin growers will donate a semi-truck load of raisin snack packs to the Fresno Community Food Bank and contribute $50,000 to Feeding America to help support the more than 2,900 Backpack Programs nationwide. To learn more about this modern day Johnny Appleseed’s calling to fight childhood hunger, California Raisins, and the Feeding America program go to

Vote Now for California Raisins as Your Favorite Advertising Icon!

The California Raisin is up for Favorite Icon in the Advertising Walk of Fame sponsored by Advertising Age magazine. Help us celebrate the Dancing California Raisin’s 25th Anniversary by ensuring a win!

Two icons are chosen each year and the winning icons will be announced during Advertising Week on September 21. Winners get a plaque on Madison Avenue in New York City with a victory banner waving overhead.

Take a moment to vote at Just click on the California Raisin, click on vote, and you’re done. Go California Raisins! Ask your friends and family to vote, too. Vote now! The deadline is September 18!

California Raisins Share ‘Words of Wisdom’ With Launch of NEW Blog

On behalf of nearly 3,000 California Raisin growers, I am pleased to introduce the new California Raisins’ blog — Words of Wisdom. For the past few years, we have been promoting California Raisins as a wise choice for healthy, on-the-go snacking. As such, our new blog is designed to share news, information and insight about the tasty, nutritious California Raisin and just what we are up to in the heart of raisin country.

We will have content from guest bloggers including everyone from celebrity fitness trainer, Valerie Waters, who we have worked with for several years, to leading nutrition experts, raisin growers and maybe… just maybe, the Dancing Raisin himself. We invite you to check in often at to read the latest words from the wise.

Larry Blagg
California Raisin Marketing Board

These are just a few of the great ideas and recipes to be found at Wherever you go, whatever you do, California Raisins add to the fun and enjoyment. From snacks to lunches to special desserts, they are the Wise Choice for better eating, every time!

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