Sweet City Loaf

Submitted by: Jory Downer - Bennison's Bakery, Evanston, Il

Inspiration: Unique blend of vegetables, grain and raisins accented by a hint of spice. A flavor profile that will make you think.


Pre-Ferment American oz/lb Bakers %
Flour-bread 15.33oz 100
Water 9.9oz 65
Salt 0.3oz 2
Yeast 0.3oz 2
Total 1lb, 9.8oz 169
Final Dough
Flour–bread 4lbs, 8oz 100
Raisins 2lbs, 8oz 62
Water 1lb, 12.5oz 44
Pre-Fermented dough 1lb, 9.9oz 40
Shredded carrots 14.2oz 22
Hazelnuts-toasted 4.5oz 7
Diced onion 3.8oz 6
Honey 3.2oz 5
Flax seed (soaked in 6.4oz water) 3.2oz 5
Sugar 2.5oz 4
Salt 1.3oz 2
Oil 1.3oz 2
Ground Coriander 0.6oz 1
Total 12lbs, 9oz 300


Mixing time 5 minutes, low speed
Dough temp 80°F
Fermentation Time & Temp 2 hours ambient, up to 32 hours under refrigeration
Final dough
Mixing Time & Speed 3 minutes on low, 6 minutes on high
Dough Temp 80°F
Fermentation Time ​1 hour , fold, 30 minutes
Fermentation Temp Ambient
Folding If Needed after 1 hour
Dividing Weight ​21 ounces
Resting time 15 minutes
Make up Football shape
Proofing time Overnight
Proofing temp 40°F
Proofing humidity 75%
Type of oven Deck
Baking temperature 500°F
Baking time 26 minutes
Steam if needed Yes
Finished product weight 19 ounces

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