Schiacciata Con Zibibbo with Blood Orange Raisins

Schiacciata con Zibibbo with Blood Orange Raisins

Submitted by: Craig Ponsford - Ponsford's Place - San Rafael, CA

Schiacciata (SKI-A-CHA-TA) means crushed or flattened, and Zibibbo refers to a specific grape variety, popular in Italy for making into raisins or wine.


Biga Final Dough Total Formula
Metric/kg Bakers % Metric/kg Metric/kg Bakers %
Hard White Winter Wheat Flour 0.6618 100.00 1.434 1.846 95.00
Rye Flour, Fine 0.110 0.791 5.00
Water 70.00 1.081 1.978 70.00
Butter 0.044 0.053 2.00
Eggs 0.044 0.013 2.00
Blood Orange Olive Oil 0.221 0.079 10.00
Applesauce 0.221 0.105 10.00
Instant Yeast  0.01 0.011 0.079 0.50
Anise seeds 0.010 0.396 0.50
Salt 0.044 0.659 2.00
Maceration: Blood Orange Olive Oil 15.00
Mixed Raisins 1.654 60.00
Biga 1.125
Totals 170.01 6.000 6.000 272.00


  • 24 hours in advance, macerate raisins in blood orange agumato*.
  • Toast and grind anise seeds.
  • 12 hours before final mixing, mix the sponge ingredients until a cohesive dough is formed. Move to a covered container and let rise, for 12 hours at 75°F.

Final dough

  • Break biga into small pieces and mix with flour, salt, yeast, water and raisin juice concentrate in a spiral mixer on low for 15 minutes to get an improved mix.
  • Slowly drizzle olive oil and mix over a 5 minute period, on low speed until absorbed.
  • Flake in soft butter over 1 minute more, on low speed until it is absorbed.
  • Add raisins and mix to disperse evenly, reserving 50 g per 300 g of dough for topping.

Shaping and proofing

  • Let dough ferment for two hours in a covered container with 2 folds at 40-minute intervals.
  • Turn out dough after the second hour and divide into 300 g or 3 kg (1/2 sheets) pieces, and gather loosely into a ball.
  • Set in generously oiled 6″ round cake pans flipping once to coat well (for the 1/2 sheet, oil the top well).
  • Dimple heavily with fingers.
  • Proof for 45 minutes, top with 50 g each of raisins and applesauce and dimple again (for 1/2 sheet, 500 g of each).
  • Proof for 15 minutes more.


  • Bake at 350° F on low convection for 25 minutes.
  • De-pan and  cool on rack.

* Any citrus infused olive oil will do. Or, using water and try accenting with a dash of muscato wine, zest or Grand Marnier.

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