Golden Raisin Apricot Rugalach

  • Yields 60 to 70 cookies

    Total Dough   
    Ingredients Bakers % US/Oz Metric/g
    All purpose flour 50 14.9 422
    Pastry flour 50 14.9 422
    Salt 1 0.3 8
    Butter 80 23.8 675
    Egg yolks, 3 large 6 1.8 51
    Sour cream 50 14.9 422
    Total 237 70.6  2000 


    Ingredients US/Oz Metric/g
    Sugar 13.1 371
    Cinnamon 0.2 7
    Walnuts, toasted and chopped 13.1 371
    Total 26.5 750 
    California golden raisins, macerated 26.4 750
    Apricot preserves 10.6 300


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    • Ready Time :
      0 min





      1. Macerate raisins in warm water or orange juice (75°F) just to cover; let stand for 12 hours. (Desired final macerated weight is approximately 72% raisins and 28% liquid.)
      2. Cut butter into small chunks and freeze.
      3. Combine flours and salt in mixing bowl; add butter, mixing together until mixture resembles coarse cornmeal. Add sour cream and egg yolks; mix just until fully incorporated. Do not over mix.
      4. Shape into a flat square on sheet pan and refrigerate.
      5. With a sheeter or rolling pin, roll to about 1/8-inch or desired thickness. Refrigerate again.
      6. Cut dough into 8 to 10 pieces each 15 x 16 inches. [About 7.1 ounces (200 grams) each.]
      7. Spread 1 ounce (about 30 grams) apricot preserves in an even thin layer over each piece of dough, leaving about 1/2-inch on all edges. 2
      8. Combine sugar, cinnamon and walnuts; mix well. Sprinkle 2.65 ounces (about 75 grams) of mixture, evenly, on top of preserves, leaving 1/2-inch on all edges as before.
      9. Drain and chop raisins and spread 2.65 ounces (about 75 grams) evenly, over each piece of dough, again leaving about 1/2-inch on all edges.
      10. Roll up each piece, separately, like a cinnamon roll, being careful to roll tightly and to tuck in ingredients as you go so that they remain distributed evenly. Refrigerate these rolls for at least 30 minutes.
      11. Sprinkle with additional cinnamon and sugar mixture on top. With seam side down, cut into 2-inch lengths. Place on oiled or parchment-covered baking sheets, seam sides down. Repeat for all rolls.
      12. Bake at 320°F for about 15 minutes until bottoms are golden. Remove from oven and let stand on baking sheet until firm; then transfer to racks to cool completely.

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