Gluten-Free Coconut Raisin Cookie

Submitted by: Craig Ponsford - Ponsford's Place - San Rafael, CA


Total Formula
Metric/kg Bakers %
Coconut Flour 0.236 30.00
Brown Rice Flour 0.315 40.00
Potato Starch 0.236 30.00
Cardamom 0.008 1.00
Cinnamon 0.020 2.50
Baking Soda 0.024 3.00
Kosher 0.008 1.00
Salt 0.472 60.00
Butter, Unsalted 0.394 50.00
Coconut Sugar 0.394 50.00
Eggs 0.197 25.00
Applesauce 0.016 2.00
Vanilla Flax Seeds 0.098 12.50
Chia Seeds 0.098 12.50
Chia/Flax Hydration 0.197 25.00
Unsweetened Coconut Flakes 0.157 20.00
Raisins 0.394 50.00
Raisin Maceration Liquid 0.236 30.00
 Totals 3.500 444.50


  • Ready Time :
    0 min




    • One day in advance, macerate raisins in water*, just until covered. Drain well prior to mixing (ideal maceration weight is reflected in the formula).
    • Toast coconut to a light golden brown in a low oven, cool and set aside.


    • Pour chia and flax seed into a bowl and add water, set aside for 15 minutes.
    • Mix softened butter and sugar in a planetary mixer fitted with a paddle, on medium for 5 minutes until pale and fluffy.
    • Add seed mixture, break into small pieces and mix thoroughly.
    • Add eggs, applesauce and vanilla. Mix until dispersed, stop mixer and scrape sides.
    • Add flours and other dry ingredients and mix on lowest speed until nearly incorporated, add drained raisins and mix until consistent.
    • Scoop into 35 g pieces, arrange on sheet trays with parchment, leaving some room for spreading.


    • Bake at 325°F on low convection for 20 minutes.
    • Cool con rack.

    * To add character, consider accenting with a dash of rum, coconut milk or Limoncello.

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