Special Diet

3 o’clock California Raisin Oatmeal Cookies
Another great oatmeal cookie thanks to California Raisins!

Acorn Squash and California Raisins
Baked squash with raisins, served in the shell, for a do-ahead side dish.

Ahi Tuna Medallions with Raisin Medley
A medley of raisins and fruits combine to elevate tuna to another level.

Amaretto Raisin Swirl Dessert
Raisins and amaretto swirl their heady flavors throughout this homemade ice cream.

Amazing Appetizer Cups
From plain bread slices to fancy raisin and shrimp-filled cups.

Apple Raisin Compote
An apple a day . . . with California raisins --- fabulous!

Applesauce Bread Pudding
From The Best of Food Digest a Reader's Digest Cookbook
Raisins, applesauce and cinnamon all main ingredients in this pudding.

Apricot Pillows
Roll these in coconut or dip in melted chocolate, if desired.

Apricot Raisinots
Bite-sized pieces of jellied raisins and apricots.

Arugula and Goat Cheese Salad with California Raisin-Roasted Red Pepper Jam
Pulse roasted red peppers with California raisins and balsamic vinegar for a zesty salad topper—simple yet decadent.

Asian Turkey Salad
Less than 300 calories -- makes this salad a real winner!

Autumn Vegetable Salad
All the fresh vegetables of the season with a creamy yogurt dressing.

Baked Apple with Creamy Cheese and Raisin Filling
Make it an apple-a-day with this rich cottage cheese and raisin filling.

Baked Peaches with Golden Raisins
A quick to make, light dessert to serve often.

Bean and Shrimp Salad
Beans, shrimp, parsley and California raisins combine for a terrific salad.

Bean Salad with Artichokes
Healthy, hearty vegetarian side dish or salad bursting with color.

Beef Picadillo Empanadas
From Culinary Institute of America at Greystone
These little meat pies could be the hit of the party.

Berry Berry Freeze
Berries and raisins combine to make a delicious shake for a cold, quick pick up, any day.

Best Ginger Cookies
Raisin gingersnaps so delicious, you will want to eat the whole batch!

Beyond Good Old Raisins and Peanuts
A spicy mix of munchies -- tangy raisins, pretzel sticks and nuts.

Biscotti with Raisins and Dried Cherries
Raisins, cherries and brandy tweak their flavors in this rice, almond and gluten-free mix.

Black-Eyed Susans
Orange peel and ginger add a surprising kick to peanut butter cookies.

Blackberry-Balsamic Jam with California Raisins
Serves as a beautiful gift or your favorite topping for toast.

Blue Ribbon Raisin Apple Hand Held Pies
The perfect mini pie - oh my!

Bombay Salad
A mixture of coconut, almonds and chicken spooned over lettuce and melon slices.

Bourbon, Pecan-Praline, Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
Bourbon-soaked raisins, crumbled pecans in sugar-coated oatmeal cookies.

Braised Pork Chops with Caramelized Onion, Raisin and Pine Nut Ragu
Buttery browned onions and California raisins flavor tender pork chops in this ragu.

Brandy Sauce Flambè
A dramatic dessert topping.

Brown Sugar Bars
Tangy raisins and chopped nuts fill these bars.

This is a scrumptious way to get a serving of fruit.

Burgers with Raisin Salsa
Tomatoes, basil and raisins combine to make a unique salsa for stuffing and topping grilled burgers.

Butternut Squash-Raisin Ravioli with Brown Butter-Citrus Vinaigrette
California raisins and squash filled ravioli.

Cabbage Rolls with Tomato Raisin Sauce
Sweet-sour raisin-tomato sauce covers these stuffed cabbage leaves with tantalizing flavor.

California Autumn Fruitcake
California raisins, walnuts and dates fill this orange-pumpkin cake.

California Bulgur Salad
Fresh plums, golden raisins and sliced almonds add texture and flavor to a whole grain salad.

California Caramel Squares
Raisin-caramel squares drizzled with a brown butter icing.

California Caramel-Raisin Sauce
Make a batch of this creamy caramel sauce for topping ice cream sundaes.

California Fruit n’ Raisin Sauce
California raisins, assorted dried fruits and walnuts -- just great spooned over warm gingerbread.

California Gold Bars
Raisin-studded gold bars for a quick treat.

California Golden Raisin Caponata
Serve as a salad, side dish or relish.

California Golden Raisin Fresh Vinaigrette
The citrus notes in this vinaigrette dress up vegetables of all kinds.

California Golden Raisin Relish
This good relish doesn't need an introduction. It's fabulous!

California Golden Raisin Rice Pudding
Just add tangy golden raisins to this rich rice pudding for a great dessert.

California Golden Raisin Tequila Salsa
Amazing tequilla-plumped raisins in a tangy Tex-Mex salsa.

California Golden Raisin Vinaigrette
Oriental influenced sweet and sour vinaigrette for fruit salads.

California Golden Raisin Waldorf Salad
Special dressing for a traditional salad.

California Golden Raisin-Apricot Chutney
Sweet savory chutney to spice up any dish.

California Raisin and Fruit Chutney
Red onion, tropical fruit and raisins make a tasty sauce to accompany meats.

California Raisin and Orange Salad
Crunchy romaine and fennel contrast orange and raisins in a citrus dressing.

California Raisin Brownies
A delicious chocolate indulgence for family and friends.

California Raisin Couscous with Vegetables
Lots of good grains and vegetables in this side dish. For Diabetes-Friendly, 1 serving = to 3 carb choices.

California Raisin Delights
Roll raisins, nuts and cheese into tiny balls for quick-fix, grab-and-go-snacks ready anytime.

California Raisin Lady Bugs

California Raisin Peanut Butter Griddlers
Good snack for a quick energy boost.

California Raisin Peanut Butter Roll Ups
The perfect simple mix of protein and carbohydrates keeps kids energized - naturally!

California Raisin Peanut Butter Spread
Just 2 tablespoons make a quick, healthy snack if there's a jar of this in the fridge.

California Raisin Raita
Indian inspired yogurt salad with California Raisins and Feta cheese.

California Raisin Relish
This peppery raisin and apple relish goes great with pork.

California Raisin Rice ‘n Broccoli Salad
For a whole meal, add 1 1/2 pounds diced, cooked chicken and serve with hot rolls.

California Raisin Rice Cake Doodles
Fun to make! Fun to eat! Good nutrition with food you can play with!

California Raisin Shortbread
Rich and raisiny -- cookies to indulge picky eaters.

California Raisin Spice Waffle Cookies
Make them big! Make them small! Cannot help but like these waffle cookies!

California Raisin Tapenade
Quick, tasty snack or party appetizer.

California Raisin Vinaigrette
A new twist on Italian dressing!

California Raisin-Almond Chicken Curry (Murghi Kismis Salan)
Spicy curry, raisins and almonds add Asian flavors to chicken breasts.

California Raisin-Apple Salad
Apples, marshmallows and raisins --- what a delicious combination!

California Raisin-Rice Pilaf
Only four ingredients --- easy and tasty!

California Raisin, Cranberry and Apple Compote
Makes a tangy fruit dessert or topping for French toast or pancakes, too.

California Raisin, Orange, Sherry Vinaigrette
Straight from the Caribbean, this vinaigrette holds its own in a hearty salad.

California Raisin, Rice and Carrot Salad
A refreshing salad to serve with almost any meal.

California Raisin, Tomato and Onion Seed Chutney
Typical East Indian flavors and California raisins for a vegetable side dish or a dipper for flat breads.

California Romaine and Raisin Salad
Raisins and pears sprinkled with blue cheese and pecans are tossed with a hot spicy citrus dressing.

California Salad with Creamy Lemon Vinaigrette
Frozen lemon juice concentrate and ready-to-use salad greens make it a snap!

California Zante Currant Dressing
The Japanese flavors in this vinaigrette pair well with light seafood salads.

Caponata Agrodulce (Sweet-Sour Sauce)
From The Culinary Institute of America and the Produce for Better Health Foundation
A savory accompaniment to pork kebabs grilled on rosemary skewers or other meats.

Caramel Dipping Sauce with Raisins and Chocolate
This one is a good way to get kids -- and adults, too -- and fruits together.

Caramelized Port Wine Raisins
A sweet and savory raisin wine sauce to serve with fish.

Carrot Spice Cake with California Raisins
Tasty gluten free recipe for a great raisin-carrot cake and muffins, too.

Cereal Raisin Clusters

Cherry Chocolate Raisin Towers
Brownie mix dressed up with raisins, ice cream and a spirited Cherry-Raisin Sauce.

Chewy Raisin Squares
By Josie-Lyn Belmont, 2007 Wise Choices Recipe Contest
Juicy raisins galore in crusty bar. Great for snacking.

Chewy Raisin-Walnut Shortbread Bars
These chewy-raisin bars are easy to make, but sure to disappear!

Chicken Breasts with California Raisins and Oranges
Tender chicken smothered in an orange and garlic flavored raisin sauce.

Chicken with California Raisin Mole
Cocoa powder and peanut butter make a traditional Mexican hot sauce the perfect accompaniment for grilled chicken breasts.

Chile Rellenos – Chicken Filled
From The Culinary Institute of America and Produce for Better Health Foundation
Spicy Mexican treat that you just can't beat!

Chile Rellenos – Spicy Mango Filled
From The Culinary Institute of America and the Produce for Better Health Foundation
Spicy and Sweet --- what a great flavor combination!

Choco-Raisin Nuggets
A little cinnamon spices up these chocolate treats.

Chocolate Pots de Crème
Chocolate flavored French custard loaded with sweet California raisins.

Chocolate Raisin Shake
Serve thick and cold for a cool treat at the end of a hot summer’s day.

Chocolate Walnut-Raisin Baklava
By John Csukor
An original from our Armenian raisin growers.

Chocolate-covered Raisin Clusters
Clusters of chocolate and raisins make this kid-friendly sweet.

Cinnamon Apple and Raisin Crisp
Cook the apples! Bake the pie! It is easier than pie!

Cinnamon Raisin Rolls
Whip up a bunch of these rolls for a morning get-together.

Cinnamon Rice Pudding with California Raisins
Sweet rice, sticky rice, glutinous rice -- all the same and they make one easy raisin dessert.

Cinnamon-Apple and Raisin Jam
It's like apple pie in a jar!

Cinnamon-Raisin Bread
By Lynn Tweedy, Clovis, CA; First Place Yeast Bread, Baked with Raisins Big Fresno Fair 2010
Just like the kind you grew up eating.

Citrus Cider
Perfect for a chilly evening.

Citrus-Raisin Sauced Salmon Steak
Irresistible salmon steaks in a sparkling sweet California raisin sauce.

Citrus, Golden Raisin, Pickled Onion Salsa
Serve with grilled chicken or steak or try it to dunk crispy torilla strips.

Cocoa Raisin Muffins
Double chocolate makes double good muffins with California Raisins.

Coconut Parfait
Icy cold, rum infused golden raisins -- too good to resist.

Cranberry Raisin Chutney
Tart and tangy accompaniment to poultry and meats.

Cranberry, Pear and Ginger Relish
Think fall. Think holidays. Think special sauce with raisins, cranberries and pears.

Creamy Grits
Serve instead of potatoes for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Crispy Raisin Tuile
Thin crisp cookies filled with golden raisins and almonds.

Crunchy Raisin Rice
By Margaret Staszak, Honorable Mention - Wise Choice Recipe Contest
Toasted, slivered almonds add super crunch to a savory side dish of brown rice and raisins.

Cucumber-Raisin Raita
This mildly spicy condiment is the perfect complement to Indian and Middle Eastern grilled lamb or couscous.

Curried Shrimp Salad with Raisins
Sour cream and curry combine with golden rasisns, shrimp and fruits for a satisfying summer salad.

Curried Tuna and California Raisin Salad
Poached tuna, cauliflower and broccoli make a hearty, healthy salad with California raisins

Dark Chocolate Raisin Crinkles
Raisins coated with dark chocolate -- just too good to be true!

Deconstructed Chunky Mousse: A Chocolate and Peanut Butter Mousse with California Raisins
Layers of raisin-chocolate mousse and peanut butter mousse topped with whipped cream.

Diabetes-Friendly Curried Popcorn Mix
1 Serving is = to 1 Carb; Crunchy pretzel sticks, walnuts and golden California raisins make this the ultimate mix.

Diabetes-Friendly Pumpkin Pie Popcorn Mix with Raisins
1 Serving is = to 1 Carb Choice and this recipe is so easy the kids can do it. Everybody will love it!

Do Ahead Hot Breakfast
A fantastic way to start your day.

Double Good Bars
Double the layers, double the raisin goodness!

Dreamy Raisin Syrup
A delectably rich syrup -- the perfect topping for crepes, pancakes, waffles or French toast.

Dried Fruit and Sausage Stuffing
Sweet raisins paired with smoky turkey sausage to stuff a bird or serve plain.

Dried Fruit Compote
Combine California raisins with other dried fruits for a rich treat.

Easy Chicken Stir-Fry
1.5 carb choices and so quick! So easy! Supper's ready in a jiffy!

Easy Oven-baked French Toast with Raisin Syrup
So easy from the oven.

Embutido (Filipino Meat Loaf)
Pork and chicken combine with raisins and chopped vegetables for a typical sweet Filipino dish.

English Raisin-stuffed Doughnuts
California raisins and marmalade stuff these raised doughnuts.

Ensalada de Noche Buena
Traditionally served on Christmas Eve, this Mexican treat provides healthy eating throughout the holidays.

Fiesta Brunch Strata
Make it; keep it in the refrigerator overnight; bake it and serve a hearty brunch entrée.

Fireside Glogg
Mulled wine to serve often.

Frankenstein Eyeballs
Great party pleasers for Halloween or serve as a tasty snack, anytime.

Freckled Salad
California raisins and pineapple in a quick-set lemon gelatin. Kids love it!

Fricassee of Chicken Casserole with California Raisins
Home-style chicken-vegetable stew with double California raisins.

Frosty Yogurt Shake
The perfect breakfast or tangy pick-up with California raisin sweetness.

Fruit Flambé with Ice Cream
Tropical fruit and raisins topped with ice cream.

Fruit Salsa Salad
Simple fruit salsa. Serve it as is or spoon onto lettuce leaves.

Fruit Scone Fingers
Individual scone fingers served with butter and jam.

Fruit Shake
So quick, so easy. Make it fast for a quick pick-up after a morning workout.

Gado Gado with Raisins
Lightly cooked vegetables, tofu and raisins covered with a spicy Indonesian peanut sauce.

Garlic-California Raisin Wilted Greens on Pappadum (Saag Pappadum)
California golden raisins and greens top a wafer-thin Indian flat bread.

Ghosts and Goblins
Scary Halloween treats or shape as mounds, rounds or dollops for tasty snacks on any occasion.

Ginger Raisin Biscotti
Light and nutritious -- enjoy these crunchy treats often.

Gingerbread Men
Delicious California raisins freckle these cookie shapes.

Glazed Raisinola
Granola at its best!

Glossy Rocky Road Sauce
Spoon this over chocolate ice cream for things to remember.

Gluten Free Curried Turkey and Raisin Salad Wraps
These wraps are healthy and delicious.

Gluten-Free Brownie with Raisins

Gluten-Free Cowboy Cookies
Hearty gluten-free, sugar-free cookies full of oatmeal, raisins, coconut and chocolate chips. A healthy snack for kids!

Gluten-Free Pocket Tart

Gluten-Free Raisin Newton

Go for the Gold Raisin Tea Cakes
These raisin-filled gems are perfect for snacks anytime.

Golden Aloha Drops
February is Bake for Family Fun Month! Raisins say Aloha to sweet tropical flavor in this recipe.

Golden Bubbles
Add caviar to golden raisins and wild rice for a dazzling first course.

Golden Conserve
Crunchy almonds and golden raisins in a peachy spread.

Golden Garden Rice Salad
Hearty raisin-rice salad with broccoli and mushrooms.

Golden Gate Carrot Cake
Classic carrot cake with lots of raisins glazed with sweet-sour buttermilk icing.

Golden Raisin and Lentil Salad
Here's a hearty and tasty salad. Whip it up in a hurry. Eat at leisure.

Golden Raisin Asparagus Salad
Light and fresh --- a perfect summer salad!

Golden Raisin Balsamic Vinaigrette
Sweet and tangy vinaigrette to dress up a crisp salad.

Golden Raisin Glaze
To glaze chicken or fish on the grill or in the oven.

Golden Raisin Pomegranate-Mustard Dressing
Really great on chicken salad or slathered onto chicken breasts just before broiling.

Golden Raisin Salad with Herb Crusted Chicken Breast
Nothing like pomegranates to bring out the flavor in this salad and the chicken is so delicious.

Golden Raisin-Granny Smith Apple Chow Chow
A sweet spicy apple-raisin condiment for pork, ham and other meats.

Golden Raisin-Peach Vinaigrette
This vinaigrette falls right into place at your next backyard barbecue.

Golden Raisin, Fennel and Red Onion Salad with Steamed Salmon
Flavors of Asia present salmon fillets with Eastern elegance.

Golden Raisin, Lemon, Pistachio and Butterscotch Cookies
A mosaic of flavors fill these crisp lemony sugar cookies.

Grab and Go Granola Bars
A perfect balance of nutrients for quick snacking on the go.

Grand Marnier Bread Pudding with California Golden Raisins
A great dessert, but it could become a quick breakfast favorite, too.

Grandma’s Sugary Cookies
Nothing beats Grandma's raisin cookies!

Granola Crunch Mix
Orange zest, honey and vanilla balance out in this crunchy snack mix.

Grapefruit and Raisin Salad with Leaf Lettuce
Red and green leaf lettuce with grapefruit segments and ripe olives tossed with mustard vinaigrette.

Grilled Tuna with California Golden Raisin Chutney (Muchee Kismis)
Spicy, tangy raisin chutney -- a natural with fish and other meats, too.

Ground Raisin Chews
Easy to prepare and delicious too!

Halloween Boo Bats
Catch one flying by and you can eat it!

Halloween Harvest Mice
Scary creatures fill the night, but kids will love them- to make and to eat.

Ham Pitawiches
Tropical pineapple, ham, raisins and walnuts with shredded carrot and lettuce fill pita pockets.

Ham Rolls with Raisins (Rollitos de jamon con pasas)
Let the kids roll 'em. Heat quickly and listen for the lip smackin'!

Harvest Salsa
By Chef Andrew Hillman, Institute of Technology Roseville Culinary Arts Campus
Serrano chiles and tomatillos with California raisins -- perfect to serve with pork or chicken.

This old-fashioned raisin spice cookie is still a cookie jar favorite.

Honey Chipotle Raisin Glazed Salmon
By Beverley Sibertson
A sweet and spicy salmon fillet makes a quick and healthy meal.

Honey Nut Raisin Snack Mix
A chewy, gluten-free snack bursting with natural sweetness.

Honey Poached Pears with Amaretti Raisin Topping
Elegant flavorful dessert too good to believe.

Hot Cross Buns
Studded with sparkling nuggets of California raisins.

Hot Fruit Compote
Raisins, pears and apricots create this compote.

Housemade Steak Sauce
Outstanding sauce for steak or burgers.

Imperial Waldorf Salad
Add avocado to a Waldorf salad and yogurt to the dressing and it's fit for a king.

Indian Slaw
By Chef Andrew Hillman
Golden raisins, carrots, green onions, cabbage, cashews and grapes seasoned with yogurt and mint.

Irish Whiskey, Zante Currant and Golden Raisin Scones
By Carla Cubert, Second Place, Pastry Chicago Amateur/Student Scone Competition
Tangy currants and sweet raisins pair perfectly with Irish whiskey in these scones.

Italian Potato Salad
Raisins and Provolone cheese make this creamy potato salad Italian!

Jerome Alpine Granola
Six dried fruits, nuts, and seeds to serve with milk or yogurt for a breakfast treat.

Jícama, Avocado and Orange Salad
A festive salad of jícama, sweet orange, creamy avocado and chewy California raisins.

Jiffy Oatmeal Crunch
Easy enough for kids to do!

Kids Raisin Pizza
Delicious and fun pizzas for a kids in the kitchen activity along with a home made pizza crust (Home Baking Association) option!

Rum-soaked fruit flavors this German favorite.

Lebkuchen Jewels
A chewy, honey-flavored cookie with raisins and nuts.

Lightened Up Pulled Pork for Slow Cooker
Spicy pork to fill tacos for eating out of hand.

Lima Beans with California Raisins
Got 'ta love those beans with California raisins.

Little Raisin Logs
Pecans and raisins roll a lot of flavor into these little treats.

Malaysian Pickles (Archar)
A tangy Malaysian salsa to spice up Lamb Korma or other tasty meats.

Mango Raisin Risotto Pudding
Simple, elegant, easy to make raisin dessert.

Maple Raisin Topping
No better drizzle for your waffles or ice cream.

Maple-Pesto Salmon Salad with California Golden Raisins and Toasted Pine Nuts (Pignoli)
By Shannon Kohn, Honorable Mention - Soups/Salads/Side Category, Coast-to-Coast Recipe Contest
Pile asparagus spears, hearts of palm and California raisins to towering heights and top with grilled salmon.

Marinated Grilled Chicken Skewers with California Raisin Sambal (Murghi Kebabs)
Spicy garam masala and jalapeno peppers heat up the chicken on these skewers.

Marinated Lentil Salad
A melange of vegetables, lentils and raisins with vinaigrette dressing.

Mary Kay’s Pistachio and Currant Biscotti
Everyone loves biscotti with a steaming cup of coffee.

Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Raisins
Tangy raisins and sweet potatoes -- another way to enjoy this nutritious vegetable.

Matzo Brei
A favorite Passover recipe, these fried eggs make good breakfasts anytime.

Matzo Pudding
Satisfy that sweet tooth anytime with this special Passover bake pudding.

Mayan Soft Tacos
By Marion Stevens, Honorable Mention - Main Courses/Entrees - Wise Choices Recipe Contest
Extra juicy, extra good take-alongs appeal to young and old, alike.

Mediterranean Quinoa Salad
Savor the flavors of the Mediterranean with this whole grain salad.

Million Dollar Salad
Marshmallows, coconut, oranges, pineapple and raisins marinated in sour cream and yogurt for salad or dessert.

Mocha Morsels
Coffee powder adds kick to these chocolate-raisin morsels.

Monte Cristo French Toast
French toast at its finest - sprinkled with powdered sugar or drizzled with syrup.

Moroccan Bisteeya with California Raisins
By John Csukor
Chicken, almonds and California raisins encased in phyllo and Mediterranean flavors.

Moroccan Lamb Tangine
A Moroccan slow cooker or tangine cooks raisin seasoned lamb to perfection.

Moroccan Salad with California Raisins
Add raisins to this tossed salad and flavor the light vinaigrette with them, too. 1 serving is = to 2 carb choices.

Moroccan Tomato, Apricot and Raisin Salsa
Serve as a dip for pita bread or over grilled fish and chicken.

Moroccan Vegetable Ragout with California Raisins
By John Csukor
A mélange of vegetables and spices to serve alone or with meats.

Moroccan-seasoned Chops with Fruited Couscous
The 4-Cs -- cumin, coriander, cinnamon and cayenne spice up boneless pork chops to serve with fruited couscous Moroccan-style.

Mother’s Cinnamon-Raisin Rolls
By Lynn Tweedy, Clovis, CA; First Place Sweet Rolls, Baked with Raisins Big Fresno Fair 2010
Homemade cinnamon rolls dotted with raisins.

No-Bake Happiness Cookies
Crunchy noodles and raisins stack up a lot of chocolate and butterscotch goodness.

No-Bake Ribbon Cake
An ordinary pound cake dressed up with golden raisins, nuts and chocolate chips.

No-Fuss Fish
A quick fix dinner filled with omega-3 fatty acids and good California raisins, too.

No-mess Banana Nut Pancakes with Cinnamon-Raisin Syrup
So easy, kids can bring breakfast-in-bed for mom and dad, anytime.

Nut and Raisin Thumbprints
Thumbprints in these are loaded with orange-flavored raisin-nut filling.

Nutty Chew Bars
Quick energy with staying power, too.

Nutty Raisin Nibbles
Nibble, nibble healthy nuts and raisins.

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies with Crème Chantilly
A frosted oatmeal raisin cookie to thrill the kid in all of us.

Olive, Jicama and Orange Salsa
Serve as a dip for pita bread or over grilled fish or chicken.

Orange and Fennel Autumn Salad
A creamy orange dressing emphasizes the flavors in this salad.

Orange and Lemon Salad
Tart blood oranges and raisins, spinach leaves and red onion drizzled with olive oil.

Orange and Raisin Bread Pudding
Layers of orange, golden raisins and cinnamon flavored custard in this marmalade crusted pudding.

Orange Blossom Raisin Tarts – Gluten-Free
These mini tarts are a sweet treat and they are gluten-free, too!

Orange Blossom-scented Rice Pudding with Raisins
Elegant raisin-rice pudding in a hurry.

Orange-scented Golden Raisin Tapenade
By Angela Buchanan, Honorable Mention
The perfect party appetizer with a zesty citrus note and California Raisins. For Diabetes-Friendly, 1 serving is = to 1 carb choice.

Pan Roasted Sea Scallops with Wilted Spinach, California Raisins and Pine Nuts
Elegant, quick, easy! Make it for dinner, tonight!

Party Shortbread Drops
Perfect poppers for any party, any occasion!

Pasta and Seafood Salad
Prepared salad mix, pasta, salmon and chickpeas garnished with California raisins for a hearty repast.

Pear Waldorf Salad
California raisins and fresh pears make a low calorie Waldorf with yogurt dressing.

Pear Watercress Bowl
Spike a package of baby field greens with peppery watercress to pep up raisins and pears.

Pecan Thumbprint Cookie Sandwich with California Golden Raisins
Put two of these filled cookies together with rum-raisin ice cream for dessert.

Perfect Pound Cake
Mouthwatering and moist, just waiting to be sliced.

Peruvian Beef Wrap
Genuine Latin flavors all wrapped up in a quick-fix sandwich.

Petite Raisin Sweeties
Chocolate covered sweets with raisins and nuts.

Pickled California Raisins
Use sweet pickled California raisins just like other sweet pickles.

Pinwheel Roll-Up Sandwich
Quick and healthy --- the perfect, light snack.

Pockets Full of California Raisins
Make a big batch of these tantalizing shepherd's purses filled with California Raisins.

Port Wine-Raisin Sauce
Sweet savory wine sauce especially good with strong flavored poultry like duck or goose.

Portuguese Orange Custard with California Raisin Glaze
Orange flavored gelled custard/mousse with raisin glaze.

Power Ball
Need some quick energy? Just pop one of these in your mouth!

Power Lunch Pasta
An easy, tasty salad for lunch today.

Pumpkin Pie Popcorn Mix with Raisins
So easy the kids can do it! So good everybody will love it!

Pumpkin Spice Muffins
Gluten free or not, these spicy raisin muffins are unbeatable!

Pumpkin Tamales Filled with Shredded Beef and California Raisins
By Chef Pilar Sanchez
Add nutritious pumpkin to beef-filled tamales for a healthy dish.

Quick and Easy Honey-Wheat Hot Cross Buns
The name says it all! Drizzled with icing, these buns are a treat!

Quick Mix Muffins with Raisins and Walnuts
Hot from the oven, golden raisins and orange juice flavor these gluten free muffins.

Quick Raisin Relish
A quick, sweet and tangy relish -- delicious with ham!

Quick Raisin-filled Pastry
Only five ingredients to make this delicious pastry.

Quick-Fix Trail Mix Snack Bars with California Raisins
A fraction of the cost of high-quality store-bought bars. For diabetes-friendly 1 bar = 1 carb choice.

Raisin and Bulgur Wheat Stuffing
For crisp texture, spoon stuffing into a casserole dish and bake.

Raisin and Walnut Whole Wheat Rolls
Molasses adds flavor, interest and iron to these rolls.

Raisin Apple Butter
This super topping for pancakes, waffles and toast combines California golden raisins with tart apples.

Raisin Apple Mini Pizzas
Easy to make, fruit-flavored pizzas are a tasty variation on this traditional snack.

Raisin Apricot Chutney
For a sweet treat, try this chutney with ham, turkey or pork.

Raisin Banana Energy Bars
Perfect for on-the-go snacking.

Raisin Butter
Serve this happy blend on toast or muffins for breakfast.

Raisin Caramel Sauce
Great as a sauce or glaze to enhance the rich flavor of cured ham.

Raisin Cashew Toffee
Tangy raisins, crunchy cashews and buttery toffee.

Raisin Cereal Gobble-Ups
You will do just that -- gobble up these treats!

Raisin Cereal Pops
Melted marshmallows coat crunchy cereal and sweet California raisins.

Raisin Chipotle Grilling Sauce
Super hot or super sauce? You make the call!

Raisin Cinnamon Walnut Cream Cheese Spread
By Allyson Smith, First Place, Old Town Clovis Farmers Market Raisin Recipe Contest
Top bagels and toast with this tasty spread or roll it in crepes for a very special treat.

Raisin Citrus Cucumbers
Colorful salad mix, cucumbers, tomatoes and raisins sprinkled with red pepper flakes and citrus dressing.

Raisin Coconut Macaroons
Flecked with strips of coconut and raisins, these macaroons are simply divine.

Raisin Cranberry Relish
A great old favorite!

Raisin Crouton Gorp
Gorp - a mixture of high-energy foods, such as nuts and dried fruit (raisins).

Raisin Crunchies
Crunch! Crunch! So good to munch!

Raisin Currant Sauce
A little mustard, some currant jelly and California raisins to make a traditional ham sauce in a hurry.

Raisin Curry Dressing
A unique dressing for assorted fruit salads.

Raisin Fruit Chutney
Spicy raisins and tropical fruit chutney to complement poultry of all kinds.

Raisin Garlic Barbecue Sauce
Try this once and you'll never use anything else to barbecue ribs!

Raisin Growers Raisin Sauce
The penultimate traditional sauce for ham.

Raisin Lavender Mini Butter Cookies (Sablés)
By Chef Dominique Homo
These itty-bitty cookies are delicate and delightful.

Raisin Maple Glaze
Nothing better to glaze Thanksgiving turkey!

Raisin Meringue Kisses
Light, airy and oh so good to eat!

Raisin Nachos with Cinnamon Dipping Sauce
Chips dotted with raisins and a cinnamon dipping sauce make a sweet nacho.

Raisin Nut Brownies
Drizzle melted vanilla chips over easy-to-make brownies.

Raisin Oatmeal Crispies
The yummiest crisp raisin oatmeal cookies ever!

Raisin Peanut Butter Balls
Peanut butter balls - a healthy party treat.

Raisin Peanut Butter Granola
Peanut butter, chocolate and raisins, what could be better?

Raisin Pudding Cake
Silky decadence, studded with raisins.

Raisin Thai Chile Grilled Chicken Lettuce Wraps
Enjoy these wraps with crunchy vegetables and Thai sauced chicken -- and serve with exotic Ponzu sauce. For Diabetes-Friendly, 1 serving = to 4 carb choices.

Raisin the Bar
Nutritious meals on the go for people with dietary restrictions are difficult to navigate, particularly when traveling by air or biking around a rural countryside.

Raisin Walnut Bran Bread
By Ethel Harder, Reedley, CA; Honorable Mention Yeast Breads, Baked with Raisins Big Fresno Fair 2010
This nutrient-rich bread is simply delightful.

Raisin-Apple and Wheat Bake
An old-fashioned dessert gone healthy.

Raisin-Apple Stuffed Squash
By Richard Rizzio, Honorable Mention - Soups/Salads/Sides Wise Choices Recipe Contest
Maple syrup flavors a raisin-rice filling mounded high on acorn, banana or even hubbard squash shells.

Raisin-Branana Muffins
Prepare ahead, freeze, then quickly reheat on workday mornings.

Raisin-Cranberry Cheese Spread
Cranberries, raisins and nuts make a colorful spread for snacking or starting the party.

Raisin-filled Pastry Bars
Big bars of raisin flavor!

Raisin-Orange Puffed Oven Pancake
Share this pancake with loved ones on Passover morning, or anytime year-around.

Raisin-Orange Salad with Spring Greens
The last of the winter oranges join the spring greens and raisins with a touch of curry.

Raisin, Bran and Oatmeal Cookies
Cookies that keep you wanting more.

Raisin, Pecan and Sausage Stuffing
With staples like raisins, seasonings and chicken broth, this stuffing is a cinch.

RaisinCran Relish
A shot of Worcestershire sauce brings change to this combination.

Raisins Galore Citrus Cookies
Sugary, citrus-flavored raisin cookies are hard to beat.

Red Rice Congee with California Golden Raisins
To experience the authentic flavor of this cereal, be sure to use the Oriental or Indian red rice.

Red Snapper Veracruzo
From Culinary Institute of America at Greystone
Crispy snapper fillets with peppery tomato sauce. For Diabetes-Friendly, 1 serving = to 2 carb choices.

Rice and Raisin Temptation
Creamy rice pudding prepared in minutes.

Rice Pudding Balls (Bollitas de Arroz con Leche)
Cook the rice and the rest is just kid's play.

Rich Chocolate Brownies with Raisin-Chocolate Sauce
Rich, decadent chocolate joins raisins in this dessert.

Roasted Amish Chicken with California Golden Raisin Glaze and Asparagus
Glaze the chicken with golden raisins and serve asparagus with golden raisin vinaigrette.

Roasted Asparagus with Balsamic Brown Butter and Raisins
California raisins, balsamic vinegar and butter -- unbelievable sauce for asparagus.

Roasted Chicken with Raisin-Pine Nut Jam and Shaved Fennel, Golden Raisin and Chanterelle Salad
Guajillo chiles spice up a tangy grill mop while a raisin salad and jam take the edge off.

Rum Raisin Treasures
Rum-soaked natural and golden raisins garnished with cherries, violets, pieces of ginger and walnuts.

Rum Raisin Walnut Brownies
It is all about raisins, rum, nuts and chocolate.

Rum-Raisin Chocolate Ice Cream served “Martini-Style”
By Nikki Norman, Honorable Mention - Desserts Category, Coast-to-Coast Recipe Contest
A real winner!

Sautéed Spinach with Pine Nuts and Golden Raisins
Another winner with golden raisins and spinach.

Savory California Raisin Trail Mix
This gluten-free snack is delicious!

Scary Spiders
From scary spiders to all kinds of gentle creatures, these are fun to make and good to eat anytime.

Seared Chicken Breast and Raisin Couscous with Moroccan Tangine Sauce
Golden raisins and a multitude of spices sauce chicken breasts and raisin studded couscous.

Seared Scallops with California Raisins and Red Onion Relish
By Joan W, Churchhill, First Prize Coast-to-Coast Recipe Contest
Serve on toasted baguette slices for a great party appetizer.

Shallow-Fried Polenta, Golden Raisin Double Cream and Sour Cherries
Hot-cold and sweet-sour, it is ready to serve in no time!

Sicilian Seviche
By Heather Cohen, 2007 Wise Choices Recipe Contest
Combine the freshest of fish with sweet, tangy raisin sauce for this Mediterranean treat.

Smoked Turkey Waldorf Melt
Traditional Waldorf salad plus raisins and turkey with melted Gruyere cheese on honey wheat bread.

Just for fun, these snickerdoodles are freckled with raisins for added zing.

Sour Cream Raisin Cookies
The perfect pairing -- raisins and sour cream in scrumptious cookies.

South of the Border Bowl
Hearty meal of seasoned ground beef and bean salad layered in a bowl. For Diabetes-Friendly, 1 serving = to 3 carb choices.

Soy-glazed Spatchcock Breast with Fork-crushed Potato Purée with Fresh Beans, Red Pepper Confit and Soy Raisin Sauce
By Chefs Kwok Ho Chow and Ping Fung Lam, Hong Kong
Marinate spring chicken breasts in soy sauce and raisins and stuff with raisins and walnuts.

Spanish Tortilla (Tortilla de patatas) with California Golden Raisins Catalan Sauce
A small torte or Spanish omelet served with a rich tomato and raisin sauce.

Spiced Apple Pie Party Mix
Apples, walnuts and raisins dusted with traditional pie flavors.

Spiced California Raisin-Honey Couscous with Yogurt-Rum Sauce
Dennis Deel and Jenny Thompson, Healthy Recipe Award 2005 Coast-to-Coast Recipe Contest
Chock full of fruits and whole grains.

Spicy California Raisin-Pumpkin Caponata
By Bob Gadsby, Honorable Mention Appetizer/Snacks Category Coast-to-Coast Recipe Contest
Top crostini with this spicy winner!

Spicy Eggplant and Golden Raisin Relish
Adds interest and excitement to red meats.

Spicy Peach and Golden Raisin Jam
Cinnamon and red pepper flakes paired with sweet, delicate peaches.

Spicy Raisin Jam
California raisin jam sparkles with citrus and spice accents.

Spicy Raisin Relish Salad
Raisins, celery and apples in a spiced cider gel.

Spicy Seeds and Raisins
A spicy, crunchy, sweet and totally satisfying snack mix.

Spider Cider
So perfect for Halloween — Fun anytime!

Spinach Salad with Pears and Raisins
Open a bag of prewashed spinach leaves; add raisins, pears and onions for a very quick salad fix.

Spirited Raisins
To make a special treat for grown ups, substitute flavored liqueurs or sherry for the juice.

Spooky Raisin Spiders
Celebrate Halloween - or anytime! - with these fun spider candies.

Spring Vegetable Sauté with California Raisins
A quick sauté of spring vegetables with California raisins. 1 serving size is = to 2 carb choices.

Stew of Baby Vegetables with California Golden Raisins and Coriander
Summer vegetables with golden raisins.

Strawberry Raisin Snack Mix

Strawberry-Rhubarb and Golden Raisin Jam
Tart rhubarb, zesty ginger, tangy raisins and sweet strawberries join forces for this treat.

Sugarless California Raisin Wonder Bars
This sweet snack cuts the sugar and builds nutrition with fruits and nuts.

Sultan’s Salad
Golden raisins and carrots make a royal combination.

Summer Berry Pudding
Inspired by the popular British dessert, this gorgeous pudding is full of summer flavor.

Summer Fruit Bowl
Mellow melon, tangy raisins and sweet nectarines to refresh a hot summer day.

Summer Salad of Quinoa and California Raisin-stuffed Tomatoes
Whole grain quinoa and raisins get together to fill red, red tomatoes.

Sun-dried Tomato Raisin Relish
Sun drying brings out the best in tomatoes and raisins to make a vegetable side dish, dip or spread.

Sunny Honey Candy
California raisins dot this sweet nut log.

Sunshine Raisin Sauce
Spoon this citrus and raisin sauce over ham or chicken.

Sunshine Snack Mix
California raisins, low fat granola, and candy-coated chocolates -- a scrumptious mix.

Super Spice Snack Mix
Nutty, chewy, and spicey too! For Diabetes-Friendly, 1/4 cup = 1 carb choice.

Sweet and Sour Coleslaw
Elegant version of every day goodness.

Sweet and Spicy Chili
By Jennica Mosier, Honorable Mention - Entree Category Coast-to-Coast Recipe Contest
An unbelievable meld of flavors with beef, tomato, mushrooms, olives, beans and California raisins.

Sweet and Spicy Jerk Chicken
Caribbean jerk flavors go naturally with raisins. For Diabetes-Friendly, 1 serving = to 1.5 carb choices.

Sweet Potatoes with Raisin-Orange Sauce
A low-fat alternative to traditional candied yams.

Sweet Potatoes with Raisins and Poblano Chile Rajas
Combine these nutritious sweet potatoes and chiles with raisins for a real taste treat.

Sweet Raisin and Peach Dressing
A sweet chunky dressing that makes chicken irresistable.

Sweet Raisin Chicken Salad
Fruit preserves, Dijon mustard and California raisins top this chicken salad.

Tangy Raisin Cream Mustard
Just the thing to bring life to corned beef, ham or cold cuts.

Tempting Tuna Pita Pockets
Tuna, crunchy apples and raisins make a mouthwatering sandwich.

The Market’s Raisin Mango Salsa
By The Market, Fresno, CA
Citrus and raisins make great partners with meats and appetizers.

The Sundance
Grilled pork and Swiss cheese on whole grain bread gets a boost from citrus aioli and apple-raisin relish.

Toasted Couscous with Almonds and Raisins
From A Reader's Digest Recipe Collection
Sweet, crunchy and slightly spicy -- goes well with meat or curried dishes.

Toasted Raisin-Apple Munchables
When the aroma of these toasted treats fills the air, everyone will come running.

Tomato-Raisin Coulis
A special tomato sauce to replace catsup or decorate a plate.

Tomato-Raisin Relish
California's finest --- raisins and sun-dried tomatoes --- for a quick relish topping.

Tossed Green Salad with Spiced Pecans and Raisin Vinaigrette
Spice the pecans; sweeten the dressing with California raisins; and toss it all together.

Tropical Fruit Salsa with California Raisins
Easy and quick to make, this salsa transforms the simplest entrées.

Tunisian-spiced California Raisin Hummus
By Lisa Keys, Honorable Mention - Appetizers/Snacks Wise Choice Recipe Contest
Here's a tasty dip for snacking or parties! It is healthy, too!

Turkey and Spinach Salad with Raisins
Simple salad -- simply delicious.

Turkey-Raisin Picadillo Sliders
Turkey sliders with sweet California raisins and spicy sauce.

Two-Ginger Golden Ice
For a snappy, light palate cleanser or dessert, combine two kinds of ginger with California golden raisins.

Vagabond Baked Beans
Chopped raisin, onion and apple to dress up baked beans.

Vanilla Nut Snack Mix
A hopping good mix of chocolate and vanilla flavors deliciously combine in this gluten-free snack.

Vegetables and Apples with Raisin Sauce
Sweetly sauced carrots, summer squash and asparagus.

Vietnamese California Golden Raisin Relish
Vietnamese flavors make for an unforgettable raisin relish to top beef.

Waldorf Salad
The really, truly traditional salad served at the Waldorf Hotel.

White Chocolate Mousse with Raisins
A smooth as silk dessert with orange liqueur, white chocolate and California raisins.

Whole Wheat Raisin Apple Bread
Whole wheat bread -- rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Wild Mushroom and Raisin Stuffing
Just enough for 2 game hens or 4 chicken breasts.

Winter Harvest Stuffing
Serve on steamed acorn squash rings or stuff your holiday bird.

Yogurt Raisin Clusters
Cream cheese, sugar, yogurt, vanilla and white chocolate melted together for a creamy candy.

Yum Yum Veggie Sliders with California Raisins
These satisfying chipotle black bean sliders have a sweet side with a little kick. 3 carb choices.

Zesty Sweet Potatoes with Golden Raisins
A family favorite to serve at the holiday dinner or all year 'round.