Apple, California Raisin and Curry Soup
Serve this delicious and refreshing soup chilled or piping hot, especially in apple season.

Caramelized Onion Soup with Golden Raisin Pesto
A burst of golden raisin flavor makes this healthy soup far from ordinary.

Carrot Vichyssoise with Raisins
Bright carrots color this classic cold potato soup topped with California raisins.

Cream of Raisin Beer Soup
Creamy fruit soup with beer and raisins.

Cream of Raisin Soup
Cinnamon, cloves and lemon for a raisin soup to serve first or last.

Curried Monkfish and Golden Raisin Soup
Monkfish and potatoes spiced with curry.

Harvest Butternut Squash Soup with California Golden Raisin Crostini
Golden raisins sweeten this golden bisque.

Minted Yogurt Soup with California Raisins, Walnuts and Chives
By Joan W. Churchill, Dover, NH, Second Prize, 2006 Coast-to-Coast Recipe Contest
Like Indian raita, condiments of raisin, nuts and herbs accompany this cold cucumber soup.

Potato and Almond Milk Soup with California Raisins and Pumpkin Seeds
Vitamin rich almond oil flavors this potato soup topped with raisins and pumpkin seeds.

Sweet Plantain and California Raisin Soup with Saffron
California raisin-banana soup seasoned with exotic spices.

Warm Apple Cider Soup with Crispy Apple-Raisin Turnovers
Raisin turnovers float in spicy hot cider for a quick warm up.