Apple Cider Braised Chicken Breast with California Golden Raisins
Braise chicken breasts with shallots, cider and golden raisins; serve with a creamy sauce.

Apple Raisin Chutney
Store this delectable chutney in the fridge for a quick lift to dinner.

Apple Raisin Chutney-Filled Brie (Sev Paneer)
Puff pastry, savory California raisins, creamy Brie, and sweet sun-dried tomatoes.

Apple Raisin Compote
An apple a day . . . with California raisins --- fabulous!

Apple Strudel with California Raisins
Apples and raisins rolled in thin sheets of dough.

Apple-Cinnamon and Raisin Jam
Apples and raisins spiced with cinnamon to serve with meats or spread on bread.

Apple, California Raisin and Curry Soup
Serve this delicious and refreshing soup chilled or piping hot, especially in apple season.

Apple, Pecan and California Raisin Pie
Raisins and pecans bump up plain apple pie.

Applesauce Bread Pudding
From The Best of Food Digest a Reader's Digest Cookbook Raisins, applesauce and cinnamon all main ingredients in this pudding.

Applesauce Cake