California Golden Raisin Caponata
Serve as a salad, side dish or relish.

California Raisin and Orange Salad Platter (Ensalada de Naranja Pasa)
By Chef Pilar Sanchez
Here's a platter full of good eating and healthy nutrition for the whole family.

Chocolate Walnut-Raisin Baklava
By John Csukor
An original from our Armenian raisin growers.

Fish Tagines Stuffed with Rice and California Raisins
Spicy sauce, fish, rice and vegetables to satisfy hungry guests.

Greek Orzo Salad with Lamb Sausage
Juicy hot sausage slices, spinach leaves, orzo pasta and sweet chewy California raisins make an extraordinary one-plate meal.

Halibut with Raisins, Pine Nuts and Serrano Ham
From Culinary Institute of America at Greystone
Tangy citrus sauce with California raisins dresses up halibut.

Italian Chopped Salad
For a hearty meal with flavor to spare, here is an easy-to-prepare main course salad.

Italian Potato Salad
Raisins and Provolone cheese make this creamy potato salad Italian!

Jeweled Rice (Persian Wedding Rice)
From Culinary Institute of America at Greystone
Raisins, cherries and orange peel sparkle in this elegant rice cake.

Mediterranean Quinoa Salad
Savor the flavors of the Mediterranean with this whole grain salad.

Moroccan Bisteeya with California Raisins
By John Csukor
Chicken, almonds and California raisins encased in phyllo and Mediterranean flavors.

Moroccan Lamb Tangine
A Moroccan slow cooker or tangine cooks raisin seasoned lamb to perfection.

Moroccan Vegetable Ragout with California Raisins
By John Csukor
A mélange of vegetables and spices to serve alone or with meats.

Moroccan-seasoned Chops with Fruited Couscous
The 4-Cs -- cumin, coriander, cinnamon and cayenne spice up boneless pork chops to serve with fruited couscous Moroccan-style.

North African Braised Chicken
Aromatic spices bring tantalizing goodness to this feast.

Orecchiette with Broccoli Rabe, Prosciutto di Parma, Ricotta and Raisins
From Culinary Institute of America at Greystone
Hearty meal by itself or pasta to accompany meats of all kinds.

Italian vegetable salad with raisins and croutons.

Quail Stuffed with Tomato-Raisin and Pistachio Pilaf
Raisins, rice and nuts with tomato sauce could fill boneless Cornish game hens, too.

Raisin Salad with Lemon Chicken
From Culinary Institute of America at Greystone
Festive luncheon with citrus chicken and Italian bread salad for a crowd.

Raita Salad of Yogurt and Mint with Raisins
Tangy cumin seeds accent the Mediterranean flavors.

Roast Breast of Chicken with Gorgonzola, Raisins and Pine Nuts
Tangy Gorgonzola and California raisins make irresistible chicken.

Seared Chicken Breast and Raisin Couscous with Moroccan Tangine Sauce
Golden raisins and a multitude of spices sauce chicken breasts and raisin studded couscous.

Spanish Tortilla (Tortilla de patatas) with California Golden Raisins Catalan Sauce
A small torte or Spanish omelet served with a rich tomato and raisin sauce.

Tuscan-style White Bean, Tuna and Currant Salad
Creamy textured beans to contrast with sweet California Zante currants.