Apple Raisin Chutney-Filled Brie (Sev Paneer)
Puff pastry, savory California raisins, creamy Brie, and sweet sun-dried tomatoes.

California Raisin Raita
Indian inspired yogurt salad with California Raisins and Feta cheese.

California Raisin-Almond Chicken Curry (Murghi Kismis Salan)
Spicy curry, raisins and almonds add Asian flavors to chicken breasts.

Chicken and Raisin Balti
From Culinary Institute of America at Greystone
A spicy curry in the East Indian style. Serve it with lots of bread.

Coconut Shrimp Salad (Jingha Salade)
Puréed golden raisins sweeten the perfect dressing for spiced shrimp.

Cucumber-Raisin Raita
This mildly spicy condiment is the perfect complement to Indian and Middle Eastern grilled lamb or couscous.

Garlic-California Raisin Wilted Greens on Pappadum (Saag Pappadum)
California golden raisins and greens top a wafer-thin Indian flat bread.

Grilled Tuna with California Golden Raisin Chutney (Muchee Kismis)
Spicy, tangy raisin chutney -- a natural with fish and other meats, too.

Honey Ham and Mango Naan
Chewy Indian flat bread holds honey-baked ham and raisin-mango chutney.

Indian Slaw
By Chef Andrew Hillman
Golden raisins, carrots, green onions, cabbage, cashews and grapes seasoned with yogurt and mint.

Marinated Grilled Chicken Skewers with California Raisin Sambal (Murghi Kebabs)
Spicy garam masala and jalapeno peppers heat up the chicken on these skewers.

Raisin Saffron Basmati Rice Pilaf (Zaffran Kismis Pullao)
Exotic flavors and basmati rice for an extraordinary side dish.