Amaretto Raisin Swirl Dessert
Raisins and amaretto swirl their heady flavors throughout this homemade ice cream.

Apple Raisin Compote
An apple a day . . . with California raisins --- fabulous!

Applesauce Bread Pudding
From The Best of Food Digest a Reader's Digest Cookbook
Raisins, applesauce and cinnamon all main ingredients in this pudding.

Baked Apple with Creamy Cheese and Raisin Filling
Make it an apple-a-day with this rich cottage cheese and raisin filling.

Baked Peaches with Golden Raisins
A quick to make, light dessert to serve often.

California Golden Raisin Rice Pudding
Just add tangy golden raisins to this rich rice pudding for a great dessert.

California Raisin and Brie Dessert Quesadillas
By Jasmin Buliga, Honorable Mention - Desserts and Baked Goods, 2007 Wise Choices Recipe Contest
Typical Mexican flavors to dance together at the end of a meal or sometimes, in between.

California Raisin-Orange Crostini with Chocolate Drizzle
By Carolyn Veazey Shlens, Honorable Mention - Dessert Category Coast-to-Coast Recipe Contest
Toasted pound cake and sweet raisin sauce drizzled with chocolate.

California Raisin, Cranberry and Apple Compote
Makes a tangy fruit dessert or topping for French toast or pancakes, too.

California Valley Raisin Soufflè
A lighter raisin-filled dessert.

Caramel Apple Sundae
A great dessert or perfect mid-day treat.

Cherry Chocolate Raisin Towers
Brownie mix dressed up with raisins, ice cream and a spirited Cherry-Raisin Sauce.

Chewy Raisin Oatmeal Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches
What's not to love? Favorite raisin-oatmeal cookies and ice cream, too!

Chocolate Pots de Crème
Chocolate flavored French custard loaded with sweet California raisins.

Chocolate Rum-Raisin Bread Pudding

Chocolate Walnut-Raisin Baklava
By John Csukor
An original from our Armenian raisin growers.

Cinnamon Apple and Raisin Crisp
Cook the apples! Bake the pie! It is easier than pie!

Cinnamon Rice Pudding with California Raisins
Sweet rice, sticky rice, glutinous rice -- all the same and they make one easy raisin dessert.

Cinnamon-Raisin Bread Pudding with Vanilla Anglaise
Silky creme tops traditional pudding.

Coconut Parfait
Icy cold, rum infused golden raisins -- too good to resist.

Deconstructed Chunky Mousse: A Chocolate and Peanut Butter Mousse with California Raisins
Layers of raisin-chocolate mousse and peanut butter mousse topped with whipped cream.

Dried Fruit Compote
Combine California raisins with other dried fruits for a rich treat.

Fruit Flambé with Ice Cream
Tropical fruit and raisins topped with ice cream.

Grand Marnier Bread Pudding with California Golden Raisins
A great dessert, but it could become a quick breakfast favorite, too.

Honey Poached Pears with Amaretti Raisin Topping
Elegant flavorful dessert too good to believe.

Hot Fruit Compote
Raisins, pears and apricots create this compote.

Irresistible Cheesecake Parfait
Layer creamy cheesecake, raisins and colorful, fresh fruit in tall, stemmed glasses.

Lemony Raisin Bread Souffle
Raisin bread comes alive in this fluffy extravaganza. Serve it straight from the oven!

Mango Raisin Risotto Pudding
Simple, elegant, easy to make raisin dessert.

Matzo Pudding
Satisfy that sweet tooth anytime with this special Passover bake pudding.

Old Fashioned California Raisin Oatmeal Cookie and Buttermilk Ice Cream Sandwiches
A retro dessert of old-fashioned raisin cookes shaped into buttermilk ice cream sandwiches.

Orange and Raisin Bread Pudding
Layers of orange, golden raisins and cinnamon flavored custard in this marmalade crusted pudding.

Orange Blossom-scented Rice Pudding with Raisins
Elegant raisin-rice pudding in a hurry.

Persimmon Steamed Pudding
Steamed on top of the stove for an easy treat.

Plum Pudding
A quick-mix steamed raisin pudding for the holidays.

Plum Pudding with Rum Raisin Sauce
Steam it; age it; and serve with easy to make raisin sauce.

Portuguese Orange Custard with California Raisin Glaze
Orange flavored gelled custard/mousse with raisin glaze.

Raisin Cranberry Cheesecake
California raisins and cranberry relish fill chocolate crust with cheesecake goodness.

Raisin Crumble
Pandowdy, betty or crisp filled with sweet California raisins.

Raisin Dumplings in Caramel Sauce
Old fashioned dumplings, baked in the oven topped with caramel sauce and raisins sprinkled throughout.

Raisin Zucchini Mini-Muffin Pops with Maple Glaze
By Denine Shern, Grand Prize "Give Kids Their Day In the Sun" Snack Recipe Contest
Fun to make! Fun to eat! A sure winner!

Raisin-Apple and Wheat Bake
An old-fashioned dessert gone healthy.

Rice and Raisin Temptation
Creamy rice pudding prepared in minutes.

Rum Raisin Bread Pudding
Light and tasty, this dessert ends any meal with great eating.

Rum-Raisin Chocolate Ice Cream served “Martini-Style”
By Nikki Norman, Honorable Mention - Desserts Category, Coast-to-Coast Recipe Contest
A real winner!

Shallow-Fried Polenta, Golden Raisin Double Cream and Sour Cherries
Hot-cold and sweet-sour, it is ready to serve in no time!

Steamed Pumpkin Pudding
The key to this fantastic pudding is the warmed brandy sauce oozing over the spice cake and pumpkin pie pudding.

Summer Berry Pudding
Inspired by the popular British dessert, this gorgeous pudding is full of summer flavor.

Syrniki (Farmers-Cheese Pancakes or Pot Cheese Fritters)
From Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow Hotel
Loaded with protein, these pancakes make great breakfast fare, too.

Two-Ginger Golden Ice
For a snappy, light palate cleanser or dessert, combine two kinds of ginger with California golden raisins.

White Chocolate Mousse with Raisins
A smooth as silk dessert with orange liqueur, white chocolate and California raisins.

Winterfruit Cobbler
Raisins and cranberries spill from this crisp.