Dessert Sauces

Brandy Sauce Flambè
A dramatic dessert topping.

California Caramel-Raisin Sauce
Make a batch of this creamy caramel sauce for topping ice cream sundaes.

California Fruit n’ Raisin Sauce
California raisins, assorted dried fruits and walnuts -- just great spooned over warm gingerbread.

Caramel Dipping Sauce with Raisins and Chocolate
This one is a good way to get kids -- and adults, too -- and fruits together.

Glossy Rocky Road Sauce
Spoon this over chocolate ice cream for things to remember.

Rum Raisin Sauce
Better than rum-raisin ice cream -- spoon it over plum pudding sometime, too.

Spirited Raisins
To make a special treat for grown ups, substitute flavored liqueurs or sherry for the juice.