Apricot Pillows
Roll these in coconut or dip in melted chocolate, if desired.

Apricot Raisinots
Bite-sized pieces of jellied raisins and apricots.

Chocolate Raisin Knackerly
An easy-to-make snack with just 2 ingredients.

Chocolate-covered Raisin Clusters
Clusters of chocolate and raisins make this kid-friendly sweet.

Frankenstein Eyeballs
Great party pleasers for Halloween or serve as a tasty snack, anytime.

Fruit and Nut Fudge
This delicious low carb fudge is perfect for Valentine's Day.

Ghosts and Goblins
Scary Halloween treats or shape as mounds, rounds or dollops for tasty snacks on any occasion.

No-Bake Raisin Chocolate Cherry Liqueur Balls
Vanilla chips melted and drizzled over walnut-raisin liqueur balls.

Petite Raisin Sweeties
Chocolate covered sweets with raisins and nuts.

Raisin Cashew Toffee
Tangy raisins, crunchy cashews and buttery toffee.

Raisin Crunchies
Crunch! Crunch! So good to munch!

Raisin Meringue Kisses
Light, airy and oh so good to eat!

Rum Raisin Treasures
Rum-soaked natural and golden raisins garnished with cherries, violets, pieces of ginger and walnuts.

Scary Spiders
From scary spiders to all kinds of gentle creatures, these are fun to make and good to eat anytime.

Sunny Honey Candy
California raisins dot this sweet nut log.

Yogurt Raisin Clusters
Cream cheese, sugar, yogurt, vanilla and white chocolate melted together for a creamy candy.