Baking Formulas

Barbeque Raisin Bread
"I wanted to create a new flavor profile for raisin bread. So during my internship at Caravan Ingredients, I was inspired by Kansas City BBQ. What better than BBQ raisin bread!"

Barley-Currant Pretzel

California Raisin and Chocolate Chunk Muffins

California Raisin and Lemongrass Soft Scones

California Raisin Bread with Caraway
Basic Sheeted Dough with California Raisins

California Raisin Brot

California Raisin Bun Clusters

California Raisin Carrot Bread

California Raisin Chouquettes

California Raisin Christmas Bread

California Raisin Cinnamon Roll
Basic Sheeted Dough with California Raisins

California Raisin Grapefruit Bread

California Raisin Multigrain Bread

California Raisin Oat Bread

California Raisin Orange Bread
Basic Bread Dough with Sponge and California Raisins

California Raisin Rye Starter

California Raisin Scones
Basic Sweet Dough with California Raisins

California Raisin Spice Cake
Basic Cake or Muffins with California Raisins

California Raisin Sweet Roll Clovers

California Raisin Walnut Pretzel
Inspiration: The pretzel is the oldest snack food in history. The first record is from 510 A.D. by the Romans. If California Golden Raisins were available I'm sure they would have used them.

California Raisin White Starter

California Raisin Whole Wheat Starter

Carrot Raisin Nut Muffin
"I came across an old recipe for a dense carrot muffin. I updated the ingredients and the formulation to create a lighter, hearty, healthy breakfast treat. It's loaded with protein making it great for moms on the go, athletes and busy commuters. It's our number one seller."

Chocolate Raisin Bread
I have always loved this recipe and sold a great deal of it in my bakery. It is not sweet, or too sweet, it is delightful and should be out there. Raisins and chocolate and brandy, yummy!

Cinnamon Swirl Raisin Bread
"My Creator blesses me with inspiration and creativity. Also, as a child and into adulthood, my mother often spoiled our family with her homemade cinnamon twists. My love for raisin bread and the memory of Mother's cinnamon twists are combined in this creation."

Cinnamon-Raisin Challah

Citrus Bread with California Raisins and Macadamia Nuts

Currant Temptation
Inspiration: Customer's requests for healthy breads and to my dietary needs as a pregnant mom! One serving from this 100% whole grain bread is an "excellent source" of nutrients to keep my baby healthy: potassium, iron, B vitamins, folate, omega 3's and 6's and antioxidants.

Curried Whole Wheat Raisin Boulé
"An Indian staple meal includes unleavened flat bread (Chapatti) made with fine whole wheat flour dipped in a spicy stew (curry). This curried Whole Wheat Raisin Boulé is my homage to that simple, nutritious and delicious meal. Sweet California Raisins are the perfect addition, balancing out the spicy notes."

European Bread with California Golden Raisins and Hazelnuts

Fleur De Raisin (Raisin Flower)
"This time, I was inspired to develop an amazing artisan raisin bread, with an extravagant crunchy flower shape. After testing different products, I came across a way to obtain a very unique layering of flavors by roasting separately a little amount of white bread flour, hazelnut flour and a generous amount of Macadamia nuts. The inside of the flower is bold, rich and full of California raisins infused with Frangelico liquor and virgin hazelnut oil."

Gluten Free Raisin Cookies

Gluten-Free Almond Corn Raisin Scone

Gluten-Free Brownie with Raisins

Gluten-Free Coconut Raisin Cookie

Gluten-Free Cracker

Gluten-Free Pocket Tart

Gluten-Free Raisin Newton

Golden Raisin Apricot Rugalach

Golden Raisin Getaway
I wanted to create a baked good similar to an entremet, with different layers of contrasting flavors and textures. I gave it a tropical theme in honor of my Mom retiring this year, I wanted her to be able to eat one and imagine she was in the tropics!

Harvest Cookies

Laminated Rosemary Raisin Epi
"I love sharing hot bread with family around the dinner table. I wanted to create something savory that would combine the chewiness of a baguette with the flakiness of a croissant. Raisins have a wonderful sweetness that pairs well with olive oil, salt and rosemary."

Low-Fat Raisin-Orange Muffins
These tasty muffins use the great fat-replacement properties of California raisin paste to make a moist muffin alternative for low fat diet.

Lucky Golden
I am inspired by the town I live in called Las Vegas. We have a reputation of rich indulgence and I wanted to create a bread that reflects this theme with a note of fun.

Marathon Mini Loaf
The need for proper nutrition when embarking on a distance run. Runners begin the day with healthy carbohydrates, protein, fiber and a little fat. Race finish lines most always offer bread (bagels). With the growing popularity of running, this easy to make bread is sure to be a hit and get us through the three and a half hour long run.

Morning Bun

Muscat Grape ~ Vanilla Cream Raisin Danish
"My pastry is a tribute to the fruitful land of California. I was inspired to incorporate many aspects of California grown produce. I decided to enhance the flavor of raisins in my Danish by plumping them in wine made from Muscat grapes and I topped the pastry off with fresh grapes to highlight the beauty of raisins before being dried."

Nonni’s Golden Raisin Sweet Bread
My Italian Grandmother, Nonni, made this bread when I was a child. It's my children's favorite. I have "tweaked" the recipe over the years and added Golden California Raisins for a twist. It is made especially for Easter and it's gone in 60 seconds.

Not Your Grandma’s Banana Bread
"Growing up with "Grandma Mac" meant we always had delicious desserts and pastries around. Adding dark California Raisins allowed me to create a sweeter product to a once cake-like bread without using too much sugar."

Pull-Apart Raisin Cinnamon Loaves


Pumpkin Cookies

Pumpkin Muffins

Raisin (Squared) Pizza Crust
"We were motivated to create a unique sweet and savory Raisin Pizza with California Golden Raisins tucked in the crust and natural raisin paste blended into the sauce. The European-inspired toppings nestled on top of the square crust complete our Raisin concept."

Raisin & Harvest Pear Focaccia
For this raisin bread I wanted to create a rich and sweetly flavored bread that would melt in your mouth and give the raisins center stage. I chose to marry woody pears, zesty oranges and sweet yet subtle ricotta with the plump California Raisins in this play on Focaccia Bread.

Raisin Chardonnay Brioche
What inspired me with California golden raisins is that they have a light vanilla flavor along with a hint of butter. I decided to incorporate Chardonnay grape skin flour and Late Harvest Chardonnay to balance out the raisins.

Raisin de Soleil (Grape of the Sun)
Hot summer days in Northern California, raisins, sprouted grains, citrus, and thyme are all flavors of my childhood growing up in a family of bakers. I married these flavors with a progression of my Grandfather's pioneering methods of working with sprouted grains.

Raisin Kouign-Amann
"I work with Croissants every day at work and wanted to try a new croissant-like pastry that used a raisin filling as opposed to the whole raisin itself, pushing myself to do something I've never tried or used before."

Raisin Marmalade Puffs

Raisin Paska Bread
I created this babka/paska cross for my granddaughter. Paska is a Ukrainian Easter Bread. I like the shape of it, babka is taller and has raisins and orange, so I combined the two concepts. The crumb is quite interesting with the torn and whole raisins. The bread is heavenly in this formulation,similar to Challah bread.

Raisin Rouleaux
The concept for Raisin Rouleaux was inspired by my passion for hearty, healthy bread. The pull-apart rolls are filled with raisins, oats and flax seed and designed to optimize the flavor combination in every portion. The result is a convenient, nutritious bread that will complement any breakfast.

Raisin Speculoos

Raisin Stuffed Challah Bread
"A raisin stuffed version of a Challah Bread that I make for my niece Lainey. The raisin filling is piped into each braid, allowing the raisins to remain moist during the baking process."

Raisin the Bar
Nutritious meals on the go for people with dietary restrictions are difficult to navigate, particularly when traveling by air or biking around a rural countryside.

Raisin Walnut Bars

Raisin Walnut Multi-Grain Wheat Bread “Birdseed”
"I wanted to make a multi-grain whole wheat bread that is good as a sandwich bread, but also could be eaten at breakfast. It has a small amount of honey, but the sweetness comes from the raisins. It is an All-California bread: the flour, walnuts, honey and raisins all come from the Central Valley."

Raisins Florentine Danishes
"Had some Florentine mix left that was being used as a spread on croissants. I added the raisins as a filling, changed the top to a lattice for visual."

Schiacciata con Zibibbo with Blood Orange Raisins
Schiacciata (SKI-A-CHA-TA) means crushed or flattened, and Zibibbo refers to a specific grape variety, popular in Italy for making into raisins or wine.

Spice Bread – Pains D’Epices

Spice Trader’s Raisin Stick
I wanted to develop a bread product that would be filled with raisins and highlight salty and refreshing tones; it can accompany a spicy mole or used for a Bahn-Mi and brings a different dimension to sweet raisins.

Sprouted Sour Rye Rolls with Zante Currants

Sprouted Wheat Bread with California Raisins

Sultana Sunflower Bread
We wanted to create a new bread with California Raisins and a variety of other dried fruits and nuts to sell at our farmer’s markets. This bread has a distinct flavor, texture, and shape, with contrast in color to make it appealing to the eye and also to the taste buds!

Sunflower and California Raisin Loaf

Sunny Tops
"I was inspired to bring a Latin culture to the life within the hotel. Conchas are a staple of Mexico. When its crunchy orange flavor shell meets with Cinnamon Schnapps soaked raisins, the experience is an explosion that puts smiles on the faces of both guests and employees."

Sunrise Bagels
I love Bagels and thought these inclusions would make them interesting.

Sweet and Sour Bread

Sweet California Bread with Almonds and Walnuts

Sweet City Loaf
Inspiration: Unique blend of vegetables, grain and raisins accented by a hint of spice. A flavor profile that will make you think.

Sweet Potato Bread with California Raisins

Sweet Potato Raisin Roll
This sweet potato round with a California raisin ganache center provides the perfect balance of savory and sweet to your morning.

Tiger Leguminous Bread with California Raisins
This very trendy tiger bread is prepared from a blend of integral wheat flour and a variety of grains like quinoa, wild rice and millet and legumes as lentils, yellow and green split peas. The California raisins add a touch of sweetness which is perfect for a healthy breakfast or snack bread. Tiger breads are easy to recognize as they appear with a nice cracked aspect. This bread features a light curry topping.

Walnut-Raisin English Muffin