Salmon Cakes with California Raisins and Cucumber Relish

3 o’clock California Raisin Oatmeal Cookies
Another great oatmeal cookie thanks to California Raisins!

Acorn Squash and California Raisins
Baked squash with raisins, served in the shell, for a do-ahead side dish.

Ahi Tuna Medallions with Raisin Medley
A medley of raisins and fruits combine to elevate tuna to another level.

Ahi Tuna with California Golden Raisin-Ginger Cream on Royal Trumpet Mushrooms
Tangy golden raisins meld into this ginger cream to top an extraordinary appetizer.

All American Raisin Pie
Cranberries, apples and raisins in a lattice top crust.

All-American Raisin Apple Tartlets
Enjoy apples and cheese in flaky phyllo layers.

Almond Raisin Cookies
These are delicious no bake healthy cookies.

Amaretto Raisin Swirl Dessert
Raisins and amaretto swirl their heady flavors throughout this homemade ice cream.

Amazing Appetizer Cups
From plain bread slices to fancy raisin and shrimp-filled cups.