How to Get Raisins

California Raisins are available from the USDA Foods Available List, a foodservice distributor, a produce broker, a buying cooperative, or directly from one of the many California Raisin Packers on this list.

For School Foodservice Directors:  California Raisins are available through the USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Services’ (AMS) USDA Foods Available List Program in support of School Breakfast in the Classroom, National School Lunch Program and all Child Nutrition Programs.  AMS Commodity Procurement publically posts all solicitations, offer due dates, and details on subsequent awards.

For more information on the operation of all Child Nutrition Programs, contact the State agency in your state that is responsible for the administration of the programs. A listing of those State agencies may be found at, select, “Contact Us”, then select “Child Nutrition Programs” or contact USDA, Food and Nutrition Service, Public Information Staff by phone at 703-305-2286 or by mail at 3101 Park Center Drive, Room 914, Alexandria, Virginia 22302.

For additional AMS information, visit