FAQs – Confectionery

Q: Do oil coatings need to be declared on the ingredient statement?
A: No, they are a processing aid. Some of the more stable vegetable oils work best for panning, e.g., blends of coconut, cotton seed and other oils which may be blended according to conditions on the world oil market. Raisin packers may apply as much as 0.25 percent oil coating to raisins for confectionery applications.

Q: Are California raisins available with non-GMO oil?
A: Yes, suppliers will oil with non-GMO blends upon request.

Q: What is a confectionery raisin?
A: California Raisin packers have been selling to the candy industry worldwide for decades, and have developed special specifications for panners and other candy makers. These include oil coatings, special shapes and different sizes of raisins. Work with your California Raisin packer to obtain the right raisin for your product.

Q: Why should I use California Raisins?
A: Confectioners around the world, even those in other raisin growing countries, source raisins from California because of the firm skins, a result of sun drying. Sultanas, for example, are dried with an oil spray to accelerate drying, but at the same time, it softens the skin. The firm skin of the California Raisins holds up to the panning process and will not break to cause clumping which, in turn, can cause uneven distribution of coatings and bloom on chocolate.