World Flavors & Recipes

As you follow the flavor trends of today and craft your menus for tomorrow, you can’t help but notice your patrons interests in the flavors and cuisines of the world.

From the explosion of cooking shows on television to the mainstreaming of global cultures, customers have become more sophisticated than ever. They may travel the world or watch the travel channel but, when they come to your restaurant, they want to try new things and feel comfortable doing so. This paradox is easily answered with an ingredient as familiar and complex as the California Raisin.

This traditional American favorite has been a staple food in ancient cultures from all over the globe. Try adding California Raisin products to Mediterranean, Asian, Indian and Latin cuisine. These cultures used raisins long before they became a part of the oatmeal cookie.



Spicy Bánh Mi Sandwich

Roasted Mushroom Salad with Chili-Lime Soy Dressing & Raisin-flavored Bacon

American Kobe Beef Tataki with Raisin and Crab XO Sauce




Click below to download these recipes:

Beef Ribs with Smoky Raisin Mole

Spicy Mango Filled Chile Rellanos

California Raisins and Duck-filled Peruvian Potato Empanaditas with California Golden Raisin Salsa (Aji Amarillo) and California Raisin Vinaigrette (Aji Rocoto)


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