School Foodservice Director Survey

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School District*


1. How are meals, served in your district, prepared (please mark all that apply)?*

2. Which of the following meals does your district serve (please mark all that apply)?*

3. Does your district purchase raisins from a foodservice vendor?*

4. How are the raisins purchased from your foodservice vendor served in your district (please mark all that apply)

5. Please tell us why your school district is not currently buying raisins:*

6. How do you think raisin consumption can be increased in your district?*

7. Are you aware that raisins are listed as a USDA Commodity available to schools?*

8. Did you know that one 1.33 oz box of raisins counts as one of the 1 ½ cups of fruit servings recommended for school-aged children?

9. Does this information impact your decision to utilize USDA Commodity raisins in the future?

10. Are USDA Commodity raisins served within your district?

11. Does your school reprocess any of its USDA commodities (i.e. bulk chicken reprocessed to make nuggets)?

12. How are USDA Commodity raisins served in your district (please mark all that apply)