February 2006

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February 2006
Staying on a Heart Healthy Track with California Raisins
Chef of the Month – Mario Martinez
Health and Nutrition
Be good to your heart.

• Watch your caloric intake.

• Eat a wide variety of foods low in saturated fat and cholesterol.

• Eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day.

• Eat 6 or more servings of whole grain cereals, breads and pastas.

• Eat fish, poultry and leaner cuts of meat.

• Use fat-free or 1% dairy products.

• Enjoy 30 to 60 minutes of vigorous activities every day.

• Limit salt and alcohol intake.

• Maintain a healthy body weight.

Remember that

• California Raisins contain no fat or cholesterol.

• 1/4 cup California Raisins is one whole serving of fruit!

February 2006

Keep Moving! Stay Fit!

There’s still time for a couple of dance lessons and a night on the town for Valentine’s Day. Just an hour of slow dancing could burn off 250 calories while tap, hip-hop, or the samba use 450 calories. Keep Moving! Stay Fit! Calories Burned Do Count!

Staying on a Heart Healthy Track with California Raisins

On track for more than thirty days since that New Year’s resolution? Schedule a day at the spa, order flowers, or spend a day shopping as a special reward.

According to the American Heart Association, dietary cholesterol can raise blood cholesterol levels. They say, “Keep that intake from food to no more than 300 milligrams of cholesterol.” Recent research shows that staying on track to a healthy heart can be easier with California Raisins that have no fat nor cholesterol, but generous amounts of fiber and antioxidants galore — a winning combination!

With Valentine’s Day so close, let’s go a little upscale and indulge our appetites with some intense flavors and aromas from good foods with lower fat and cholesterol content and lots of California Raisins. A good place to start to be good to your heart would be with Curried Monkfish and Golden Raisin Soup.

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, the recipe of the month, Maple-Pesto Salmon Salad with Golden Raisins and Toasted Pignoli, is a great way to keep your favorite Valentine on track to heart healthy living, too. More inclined to exotic flavors? Grilled Tuna with California Golden Raisin Chutney and Vietnamese Stir-fried Chicken with Nuts and California Raisins may be more exciting. Or just steal the show with Chef of the Month Mario Martinez’s Golden Raisins-coated Sea Bass Napoleon.

Salads and breads made with whole grains and California Raisins add fiber and other good-for-your heart things, too. Try the California Marinated Salad, the Autumn Salad, or the Updated Iceberg Salad for the crunch and taste of fresh vegetables and raisins.
And right along with them, serve Whole Wheat Raisin Apple Bread, Cinnamon Raisin Rolls, or plain Raisin Bread made with one of those new white whole wheat flours to boost the fiber even more.

The perfect heart healthy ending to a perfect healthy meal would be Hot Fruit Compote, Raisin Pudding Cake, or Orange and Raisin Bread Pudding.

But, sometimes, a little indulgence is good for the soul, too. So consider the California Raisin-Orange Crostini with Chocolate Drizzle to top off your perfect day.

Chef of the Month – Mario Martinez

Visit the Omni Bayfront or Marina Towers in Corpus Christi, Texas, and you will find Mario Martinez, our Chef of the Month, creating fabulous food and incredible ambience for the award winning restaurants. Mario and the other chefs there are totally dedicated to making sure that “no craving shall go unsatisfied.” His Golden Raisins-coated Sea Bass Napoleon is proof positive of that dedication. Find this and many other chefs’ recipes at www.calraisins.org.