California Raisin Growers Approve the Continuation of The State Marketing Order

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California Raisin Marketing Board
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California Raisin Growers Approve the Continuation of The State Marketing Order

FRESNO, Calif., April 7, 2006 — California raisin growers have voted to continue the state marketing order that authorizes the California Raisin Marketing Board for another five years Chairman Dennis Wilt announced today.

In a referendum conducted by the State of California Department of Food and Agriculture, the continuation was supported by 92.8% of the eligible voters. Far exceeding the required majority of the Order as well as the previous continuation referendum conducted in 2001.

“This overwhelming vote by the growers to continue our marketing efforts is a clear indication that the industry understands the value of marketing,” said Wilt. “Recent analysis shows an overall increase of 23.9% packed domestic shipments from 1999 to 2005,” he commented further.

“We’re very pleased our growers have voted to allow us to continue the work that our team has conducted on their behalf. It’s a global market, and it is important to continue to create demand for our product and differentiate California raisins from imports,” stated Ron Worthley, President of the California Raisin Marketing Board.

California raisins remain a key ingredient source across all business sectors due to their superb natural flavor, high nutritional value, portability, availability and ease of storage. With approval of the continuation of the Marketing Order, the Marketing Board will continue to promote innovative product usages for raisins to consumers, industrial manufacturers, national restaurant chains, hotels and other segments including the military.

The California Raisin Marketing Board was created by a State Marketing Order in 1998 and is 100 percent grower funded. Its mission is to support and promote the increased use of California-grown raisins and sponsor crop production, nutrition and market research. To learn more about the California Raisin Marketing Board, visit its website at