California Dancing Raisins Boogie Their Way Into History

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California Dancing Raisins Boogie Their Way Into History

Twenty years ago, an unforgettable bunch of dancing raisin characters boogied their way into Americans’ hearts to Marvin Gaye’s smash hit, “Heard it Through the Grapevine.” Now this icon and hometown hero of the San Joaquin Valley (CA), and the 5,000 raisin growers that live there, has a chance to achieve immortality if inducted into a brand new Madison Avenue Walk of Fame.

Nominated as one of America’s 26 favorite icons of advertising, the California Dancing Raisin has been in New York City campaigning for its place in history since the nationwide vote was launched on August 5th, 2004. The Raisin has been spotted everywhere from greeting New Yorkers as they get off the subways on their way to work, to kissing babies at City Hall with former New York City Mayor Ed Koch and even playing stickball with its fellow nominees against the Police Athletic Youth League.

“We’re raisin’ the bar on this campaign,” commented Chairman, Dennis Wilt, of the California Raisin Marketing Board. “We are the sweet and wholesome candidate that is running on good taste.”

Although the competition is fierce for one of the five plaques unveiled on the Walk of Fame this Monday, September 20th, Wilt says that the campaign rivalry has all been conducted in great spirit and sense of fun. “The real honor does not come in the form of a plaque on Madison Avenue,” he said. “The real honor is knowing that the California Dancing Raisin has been such a memorable part of Americans’ lives for the last twenty years.”

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