August 2009

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Recipe of The Month – California Raisin and Brie Dessert Quesadillas

The spice of life begins with a variety of flavors.
The spice of life begins with a variety of flavors.

It’s Back To School

It’s time to get back to the routine and reestablish some of those good eating habits that were set aside this summer. When it comes to habits, remember that children copy adults. If you eat well and enjoy your food, chances are that your children will, too. Here are some ideas to think about as you pack lunches, fix family meals, and plan your grocery shopping.

  • The average child will not starve himself. If they don’t eat at one meal, they will make up for it at another.
  • Snacks are small meals and need to be as nutritious as possible. It works better when they are planned and served as a designated part of the day’s food intake and served at a specified time each day. If you insist that your children take time to sit down and be aware of what they are eating, it is also a good opportunity for you to sit down with them and catch up on their day.
  • Encourage them to help you plan the meals, shop for the groceries, and even help prepare ingredients or whole dishes according to their abilities. Give them the easy tasks.
  • If children are aware of where their food is grown, they may find it easier to enjoy and appreciate the foods served at family meals. As Valerie Waters points out in her tip, Education through sampling, “We all know kids can be notoriously picky when it comes to food. Try taking them to a farmer’s market where they will learn that food doesn’t just come from the supermarket and that there are seasons for different foods. They will be encouraged to sample a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and often nuts or dried fruit, too. A farmer’s market is a fun outing for the whole family.”

Lunches To Take To School

Here are some great ideas for packable, tote-able lunches that even the kids can prepare – Well maybe with a little help from Mom.

Raisin Apple Mini Pizzas Raisin Apple Mini Pizzas – Purchase ready baked pizza crusts or resort to bagels cut in half, and shredded cheese. Then, chop a few apples and any kid can put these together in a hurry.

California Raisin Peanut Butter GriddlersOnce they are assembled, just a little help with the skillet and the kids can put these sure-to-please California Raisin Peanut Butter Griddlers on the table fast. Or skip the heat and pack them cold. Delicious either way!

Ham Rolls with Raisins (Rollitos de jamon con pasas)Warm the tortillas in the microwave and Ham Rolls with Raisins (Rollitos de jamon con pasas) are mere child’s play – and satisfying, too.

After School Fill-Ups

Two servings of milk or other dairy products help insure that kids get enough calcium and Vitamins A and D. What would be a better after school fill-up than a glass of cold milk and a tasty, sweet, nutritious California raisin bar?

Raisin Banana Energy BarsHere are some that kids love to make themselves! Top of the class goes to Raisin Banana Energy Bars. These are good grab-and-go snacks, too, if you must, while Jiffy Oatmeal Crunch is one that goes together in a hurry. California Raisins Squared take a bit more preparation but store well and are good to have on hand for quick snacks, anytime.

More Cool Ideas for the Dog Days of August

Minted Yogurt Soup with California Raisins, Walnuts and ChivesLet’s talk cold soup and mention Minted Yogurt Soup with California Raisins, Walnuts and Chives. Derived from a recipe for an Indian raita, this cold cucumber soup is a great way to cool down at the end of the day. It can even be made the night before!

Moroccan Salad with California RaisinsTop it off with a cool Moroccan Salad with California Raisins! Don’t let that Honey-Raisin Syrup with the California Raisin Juice Concentrate get in the way. A light molasses will serve just as well. Or choose that Bombay Salad just chock full of raisins, melons, and other things too good to mention.

California Raisin and Brie Dessert QuesadillasWant something a little different for dessert, tonight! Serve our Recipe of the Month, California Raisin and Brie Dessert Quesadillas. For a light and airy conclusion to any meal on a hot day, choose Two-Ginger Golden Ice or Coconut Parfait.

These are just a few of the great recipes to be found at Wherever you go, whatever you do, California Raisins add to the fun and enjoyment. From snacks to lunches to special desserts, they are the Wise Choice for better eating, every time!

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