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California Raisin Marketing Board Mission


The California Raisin Marketing Board was created by a State Marketing Order in 1998 and it is 100 percent grower funded.  The mission of the California  Raisin Marketing Board is to conduct market development activities to improve  the demand for all categories of raisin usage, including ingredient usage, and for  retail package, both branded and private label.  Also, the Board sponsors crop  production, nutrition and market research.  Lastly, the mission is to create a  positive marketing environment within which the industry can collectively expand the worldwide demand for California Raisins.

Our Staff
2445 Capitol Street, Suite 200
Fresno, California 93721
Telephone: 559/248-0287
Fax: 559/224-7016

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Senior Vice President of Marketing: Larry Blagg

Director of Operations: Dori Williams


Melinda Coffman McAllister:  Marketing Specialist